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Vaccines During Ramadan Does Not Break Fasting


By: Edwin Saputra) *

MUI stated that vaccination during Ramadan does not invalidate fasting. This information is of course a relief for Muslims who are about to carry out the fasting service.

Approaching the month of Ramadan, of course, not a few people question whether vaccination can invalidate their fasting, especially since the vaccination process has not been completed.

Responding to these concerns, the Director of Islamic Affairs and Sharia Development of the Indonesian Ministry of Religion, Mohammad Agus Salim, stated that the reason for Covid-19 vaccination when fasting in the month of Ramadan does not cancel fasting for Muslims who live it.

He explained that the vaccination is not carried out through open holes in the human body such as the mouth, ears, rectum, nose or genitals.

In its official statement, an injection of the Covid-19 vaccine cannot make a person lose hunger or thirst. In addition, to minimize public concerns about vaccination during fasting prayers, Agus asked religious leaders and Islamic organizations to be involved in disseminating details regarding vaccine injection.

Along with the development of science and technology, today’s problems are becoming increasingly complex. Religious leaders and Islamic organizations must also play a role in explaining in detail, so as not to cause concern in the community when fasting.

Furthermore, Agus explained that the scholars have different views regarding this matter. Some scholars argue that the activity of injecting can invalidate the fast if the injection contains supplements as a substitute for food or a vitamin supplement.

This is because these vitamins carry substances that are needed by the body. Then, there are also scholars who argue that the injecting activity does not invalidate fasting because it is not directly related to a large stomach or stomach.

Then, according to the last scholarly opinion, an injection which only contains medicine and is injected through the arm does not invalidate the fast. By reason of not eliminating hunger and thirst, or not being able to make you feel full because it does not enter the stomach.

Agus also explained the medical argument, that subcutaneous, subdermal, intramuscular, interosseous, or intra-articular injection for non-nutritional purposes enters the blood circulation. However, this is not classified as a place of entry that will invalidate the fast.

Seeing this, Agus suggested that vaccinations should continue even in the month of Ramadan. This is aimed at supporting the mass vaccinations that the government has recently carried out.

Agus said the government is targeting 70% of the population or around 181.5 million Indonesians to build herd immunity. This program is expected to be completed within 1.5 years.

The Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) itself has issued a fatwa regarding the Covid-19 vaccination. The MUI stated that the Covid-19 vaccine injection which is carried out during the day while fasting in the month of Ramadan, does not invalidate fasting.

Meanwhile, the Muhammadiyah Central Leadership (PP) has issued a Circular regarding Guidelines for Ramadan 1442 H / 2021 M Worship in a Covid-19 emergency situation. The circular numbered 03 / EDR / I.0 / E / 2021 was signed by the General Chairman of Muhammadiyah Haedar Nashir and the General Secretary of Muhammadiyah Abdul Mu’ti.

PP Muhammadiyah hopes that this circular can be a guide for Muslims and Muhammadiyah members in particular during their worship in the month of Ramadan. The contents of the circular reads, Especially for Muhammadiyah members and all institutions in the organization from the center to the branches, this guidance should be guided as a form of following the organizational policy lines to be in one solid line.

In point 3 of the circular, it is stated that vaccination by injection can be done while fasting and does not break the fast. This is because vaccines are not given by mouth or other body cavities such as the nose, and do not satisfy desires and are not a filling food substance (add energy).

PP Muhammadiyah also requested that the community continue to implement the 3M health protocol, namely avoiding crowds and reducing mobility, both in community activities and daily worship activities. Not only that, the community is also expected to comply with vaccination recommendations so that community immunity from the Covid-19 outbreak is formed.

In this circular, PP Muhammadiyah also provided support to the government to continue to promote the vaccination program to reach all levels of society in Indonesia. Vaccination is a program from the government that should be supported, this effort is one of the steps to end the Covid-19 pandemic.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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