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Directly Inaugurated by Jokowi, PYCH is a Real Form of Equitable Development in Papua


Jayapura – The Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building whose first stone was laid by President Joko Widodo has now been completed. The PYCH building, which was built magnificently in Jayapura, was inaugurated directly by President Joko Widodo.

The building was built with the distinctive feel of the traditional house of the people of Jayapura and Wamena City, with a Honai roof and Kariwari roof, and even has complete facilities to support the interests, talents and creativity of young people in the Land of Papua.

This PYCH building can be a program to become a means of developing the potential of the young generation of children on Cenderawasih Earth. This building is also a means of the government to prosper the people in Papua.

President Joko Widodo said in his inauguration that the government supported the development of PYCH to provide more space for Papuan youths in the development of technology, innovation and local Papuan products.

“We want all young people who want to be creative and innovate to have opportunities because in Papua the opportunities are enormous. It is hoped that this will increase the welfare of the Papuan people,” said the President at the inauguration of the PYCH building in Jayapura, Tuesday (21/3/2023).

Jokowi also emphasized that the development carried out in Indonesia is not only focused on Java-centric but Indonesia-centric which covers all regions of Indonesia including Papua.

So once again I want to say that Indonesia’s development now is not Java centric, but Indonesia centric and the land of Papua is a priority for the development we are carrying out,” he said.

Regarding the government’s deep concern for the younger generation in Papua, the Indonesian Millennial and Student Alliance (AMMI) appreciates President Joko Widodo in his efforts to improve the welfare of the Papuan people through PYCH.

In this case, the AMMI Coordinator, Nurkhasanah welcomed the presence of PYCH as a venue for creativity for the younger generation in Cendrawasih Earth.

Furthermore, Nurkhasanah hopes that President Jokowi’s concern for developing the quality of human resources for young Papuans is expected to accelerate the region to catch up.

“During the previous administration, the forum for creative youth communities seemed untouched. Even in big cities though. But now, in Papua there is already a place that accommodates the creativity of young people,” he explained.

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