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Inaugurating PYCH, President Jokowi is Committed to Increasing Papua’s Agricultural Sector


By : Alfred Jigibalom )*

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is committed to continuing to develop agriculture in Papua, one of which is by channeling the aspirations of regional farmers in Papua to the Ministry of Agriculture. One of these aspirations is related to the problem of pest attacks and the addition of facilities to the provision of seeds as needed by the local community. This was conveyed during the inauguration of the PYCH Building on March 21, 2023.

BIN has carried out a series of coaching programs to provide facilities, where these facilities are specifically intended for regional farmers in Papua with the aim of helping advance the community’s economy.

Regarding a series of coaching programs which are considered very beneficial for the community, the farmers who act on behalf of themselves as the Masni District’s Sumber Makmur Jaya (SMJ) farmer group emphasize that all guidance from BIN has brought a lot of goodness and benefits to the progress of regional farmers on Earth. Bird of Paradise

One farmer group, Silla, stated that so far all the guidance they have received has been very satisfying to the residents, because they are considered to have produced something concrete for the advancement of the welfare of the local community. In fact, he really hopes that in the future BIN will continue to provide guidance to all farmer groups in Papua.

Silla also added that all the products they have managed so far have managed to grow very well. All of the improvements in product quality that have been achieved by local farmers cannot be separated from the role of BIN, which has provided a lot of support, guidance and facilities.

Although so far all of the products produced have managed to grow very well with qualified quality, Silla stated that they still have a number of obstacles, namely rats and cows that eat their plants.

Silla said that BIN is expected to be able to provide additional support in the form of facilities such as tools and anti-pest drugs so that the problems currently experienced by local farmers can be overcome and not repeated so that they are effective in prevention efforts.

Meanwhile, another farmer representative, Yusuf Woof, also expressed a similar request, namely to be given support in the form of guidance to the provision of facilities so that businesses owned by local residents can actually develop, especially in the agricultural sector so that it continues to run smoothly and can face many obstacles.

Yusuf stated that rats and cows also attacked the area he owned, namely the People’s Oil Palm Rejuvenation (PSR) area. The existence of these pests, of course slightly hamper the farmers. On the other hand, he has plans to add other horticultural crops, namely planting other staple foods, not just corn, to further advance his business.

The Ministry of Agriculture, after communicating with BIN, immediately committed to providing support and assistance to providing facilities to these farmers. They immediately sent seed assistance as needed by residents.

The government, through the Ministry of Agriculture has also moved optimally because it is able to absorb the aspirations that have been conveyed by the community. BIN’s hard work under the leadership of General Pol. (Purn) Budi Gunawan has proven capable of paying all attention to the welfare of the Papuan people.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali 

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