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Modern Machines Prepared to Accelerate Fulfillment of Papua’s Food Stability


By : Moses Waker )*

The existence of a modern and sophisticated rice grinding machine has been prepared by the Government of Indonesia. This is in order to continue to realize equitable distribution of national development with an Indonesia-centric paradigm and at the same time accelerate the fulfillment of food security or food stability in Papua.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) through a Public Company (Perum) Logistics Agency (Bulog) Regional Office (Kanwil) Papua and West Papua explained that there is a land area of ​​4 (four) hectares and a warehouse has been built with a capacity of up to 20,000 (thousand) tons, which are expected to be able to meet food needs in the form of rice in Cenderawasih Earth.

Not only is there a warehouse with an extraordinary capacity to be built, but modern milling machines have also been prepared so that later they can be able to quickly meet the people’s need for rice.

This is because the local Regional Government (Pemda) itself has had a budget plan since 2018 and of course this is highly encouraged so that it can be used in 2023 for the construction of warehouses and also the procurement of modern and sophisticated rice grinding machines.

Efforts to continue to intensify the fulfillment of food stability in Cenderawasih Earth are indeed being promoted by the Government of Indonesia. Some time ago, this was carried out by collaborating with the Yonif 143/TWE Task Force and also inviting all indigenous Papuan youths (OAP) so that they could use the available vacant land to become food storage in various areas at once, namely in Umuaf Village, Web District, Keerom District, Papua.

All of these efforts were carried out by the Government of Indonesia by inviting various stakeholders to be involved, of course, in order to continue to realize food security among the people of Cenderawasih Earth.

Regarding this matter, the Dankipur II, First Lieutenant Inf Supriyono explained that as a form of concern for the Task Force, they continued to invite local youths not to remain silent when they found out that there was vacant land. So that the youths were invited together to be able to make use of vacant land as barns for residents.

With the utilization of vacant land which is used as food storage, it will certainly be able to create food security, and besides that it is also able to help improve the economy and welfare of villagers in Papua.

So that it is not just promoting the construction of warehouses by providing modern and sophisticated large grinding machines, but also efforts for the development of Papua, especially in the context of maintaining food stability, are carried out using many strategies.

There are efforts to continue to create food security and stability, one of which is by utilizing vacant land to be used as a barn directly led by the Danpos Ubrub Yonif 143/TWEJ Task Force, Sertu Afnan who invites an active role and together with the local village youth.

It is known that the opening of the vacant land was used to plant cassava as a food supply for the people in Umuaf Village. Lettu Inf Supriyono explained that his party continues to provide assistance to village youths and invites them to plant cassava as a food storage for the residents.

It is also known that the cassava type plant was deliberately chosen because this plant is said to be one of the plants that is very easy to care for. Not only because it is easy to care for, but also the tubers from the cassava plant itself can be made and used or recycled into various types of food, which of course will be very useful for fulfilling food and also being able to participate in improving the economy and welfare of the people.

Meanwhile, one of the representatives from the youth in Umuad Village, Maryinus Debem, expressed his gratitude for the attention and concern of the Government of Indonesia, through the role of many parties, from Bulog to the deployment of the Task Force which can provide direct examples of how to use vacant land. to be used as a food crop.

Many parties then hope that with development or efforts to create stability and food security in Papua, good food security will be created in all regions of Cenderawasih Earth.

On the other hand, the existence of agricultural development is part of the national development steps that the government continues to intensify during the leadership era of the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo (Jokowi). This is also one of the efforts to create equitable development, so that massive development is not only on the island of Java, but is able to reach all corners of the archipelago to the land of Papua.

In order to be able to accelerate national development which is no longer a Java-centric paradigm, but has become an Indonesia-centric paradigm, the fulfillment of food stability in the Land of Papua is one of the important keys. In order to create food security in Cenderawasih Earth, many steps have been taken, including utilizing vacant land for the construction of rice warehouses by procuring modern and sophisticated tools or grinding machines, as well as using vacant land to become food storages by planting cassava.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Makassar

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