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Communities Together Create Peaceful 2024 Elections, Promote Unity


By: Haikal Fathan Akbar )*

It is very important for all people in Indonesia to be able to jointly be able to create political contestation performances, namely the upcoming 2024 elections in a fully peaceful situation. Therefore, continuing to promote national unity and unity is one of the important keys.

The Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia (Wapres RI), KH Ma’ruf Amin stated that with the momentum of holding a democratic party the general elections (Elections) which will be held in 2024 will be a time when the unity and integrity of the nation will be tested.

How could it not be, the article is that the political contestation event also has the potential to polarize society. This is also none other than due to the continued heating up of political tensions. Therefore, it is very important to continue to unite steps so that the implementation of the 2024 Election does not cause tension at all and also creates the potential for horizontal conflict in society.

Some time ago, there had indeed been polarization among the people, to be precise during the previous election period in 2019. Precisely with this bad experience, of course, no one wants to repeat it at all. So it is very important for every element of society to be able to continue to make up their minds and continue to unite steps so that the democratic system in Indonesia through the holding of elections in 2024 can become a contest that is safe, peaceful and full of quality.

Several things can be learned from how the elections in the previous period were held which were considered to have created polarization in society, namely because some supporters threw each other down. Not only that, but the issue of identity politics continues to flow swiftly.

In fact, in fact, political contestation in healthy elections should be carried out by clashing ideas regarding the concept of the nation and also competing programs to be able to continue to overcome challenges by taking concrete and strategic steps, starting at the local and even global level.

In fact, if there are practices that continue to use and ridicule issues regarding the politicization of religion, moreover Indonesia itself is a country that has very diverse social backgrounds ranging from ethnicity, religion, race and between groups, so that the issue of SARA itself is indeed become a very sensitive matter for the people in the country. Moreover, when SARA issues are still being used only for the sake of advancing certain practical political interests by certain parties who want to get more votes, it is clear that this is completely inconsistent with the principles of a healthy democracy.

Of course, if there are still some among the political elite or some of their supporting communities who continue to roll out many SARA issues, then in fact this condition is a matter of great concern and instead becomes a test that clearly threatens the integrity of the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Because, if the politicization of identity continues to be echoed, then the unity and integrity of society will clearly be threatened, moreover it actually makes the momentum of holding elections which should be concrete activities in realizing a democratic system and making the momentum for leadership circulation in Indonesia to be counterproductive.

Of course, all parties do not want the 2024 election to repeat the same mistakes as the previous elections, in which the polarization of society was quite sharp and very contrary to the ideals of the state and the principles of healthy democracy itself.

Prevention of social polarization and prevention of continuing identity politics in the 2024 election activities then becomes a focus that all elements of society in Indonesia should be able to carry out jointly.

Equally important, the role and function of the National Counterterrorism Agency (BNPT) is expected to continue to participate and have initiatives to become a vehicle for unifying all steps to support the realization of safe and peaceful elections.

To be able to anticipate all the potentials that could occur due to conflict or friction horizontally in the implementation of elections due to identity politics, it is indeed important that all parties can sit together and carry out a national dialogue.

Because, with the meeting of all these parties in a forum, it is hoped that an understanding of fair competition in politics and also so that conflicts do not occur and strengthening the basis of the state can continue to be improved and implemented together as well.

Continue to promote national unity and integrity, especially for all elements of society in Indonesia. This is a form of real commitment and concrete work from the people themselves to play an active role in creating an election contestation in the upcoming 2024 elections that can run peacefully.

)* The author is a Vimedia Pratama Institute Contributor

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