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Perppu for Job Creation New Hope for the Community


Jakarta – The Job Creation Perppu will be a new hope for the community. The reason is because this Perppu will have a positive impact on the economy. When the impact of the pandemic is still being felt, people are hoping for the Job Creation Perppu, which will make the investment and business world even better.

This Perppu was installed as a substitute for the Job Creation Law. The Job Creation Perppu is very important for economic stability and protects investors so that investment goes smoothly, then the community benefits because employment opportunities increase.
The community hopes for the Job Creation Perppu because they believe whatever laws and Perppu are made by the government, will bring a better life. Economic observer Sirojudin Abbas stated that more than 50% of the public had hopes for and supported the Job Creation Perppu. They also support President Jokowi’s decision.

In a sense, even though there are some parties who do not agree with the Job Creation Perppu, the majority of the community agrees with it. This is very good because the Indonesian people understand the importance of the Job Creation Perppu. Where this Perppu will provide new hope for the community.

The Job Creation Perppu was indeed made for the welfare of the community. So it not only makes workers happy, but also employers. In this Perppu it is stated that the central government and regional governments prioritize MSME products or services in the procurement of government goods/services in accordance with statutory regulations. All walks of life benefited.

The government does pay attention to MSMEs because they absorb a lot of labor. In addition, 90% of the economic wheel is run by MSME entrepreneurs. Small and medium-level businesses also benefit from the Job Creation Perppu because it makes it easier to get permits. Their business can grow and generate more profits.

If the business wants to grow, then entrepreneurs need mentoring . Therefore, in the Job Creation Perppu there is assistance for MSMEs in providing human resources, budget, facilities and infrastructure, by the central and regional governments. Entrepreneurs can work more efficiently because there is full support from the government, not being hindered.

Assistance from MSMEs is not only assistance worth 2.4 million provided by the government. But also marketing knowledge, especially online marketing . There are still MSME entrepreneurs who are not yet internet literate and they are trained by government partner companies to master digital marketing techniques.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah stated that the Job Creation Perppu increased the ease of doing business in Indonesia and benefited the community. An important point in the economic recovery in this Perppu is that it can develop MSMEs. Because there are many conveniences for small and medium entrepreneurs.

Ida continued, the Job Creation Perppu also has an investment cluster that can improve the investment climate in Indonesia, so that it will accelerate economic recovery in Indonesia. In a sense foreign investment will inject fresh funds and improve the financial condition of our country.

The Job Creation Perppu also assists local entrepreneurs in obtaining business licenses, because it can be done online, and the results come out in just 7 working days. If there is a business license, MSME businesses can export, because overseas clients always require business legality. The MSME market will expand and they will benefit in dollars.

Business and investment permits are related because if there are investors, it is necessary to have ease of legality. It’s no secret that businessmen used to be a bit lazy to enter Indonesia because of the confusing and lengthy bureaucracy. But now all the rules are trimmed, so they believe in investing.

Economic observer Indra Sipayung stated that the importance of investment is an increase in the quality of human resources. When investors come in, they transfer knowledge and finally the workers know the very strict standards of work abroad. They become more disciplined and diligent in learning new things, as well as enthusiasm for work.

Foreign investment is also needed to increase exports. Local entrepreneurs who work with foreign investors will sell their products abroad. The reason is because foreign investors provide strict quality control standards, so that it is suitable for export. They also pave the way, because they have partners abroad.

Therefore, the people have high hopes for the Job Creation Perppu because it will bring positive things, especially for those who have small and medium businesses. MSME businessmen are assisted by the government through this Perppu with training, not just giving cash. People are given hooks, not fish, with the hope that they will use them in the smooth running of business. The Job Creation Perppu will give new hope to the community because this Perppu opens the way for foreign investors in Indonesia. With so many investors, the community will benefit, because investment business continues to open in Indonesia. They can get a job there and improve their standard of living.

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