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Responding to a Conducive Situation at PT GNI, Kadin: Harmonization of Workers Can Attract Investors


Morowali Utara –Chairman of the Sigi Donggala Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KADIN), Hari Ramdhani fully supports the harmonization that PT GNI continues to strive for in North Morowali, including the competition to celebrate Chinese New Year 2023.

He considered that competition activities involving Foreign Workers (TKA) and Indonesian Workers (TKI) could indirectly boost economic growth in Central Sulawesi. This is because the harmonization activities between workers can attract investors who want to invest in Indonesia.

Heri added that he also expressed his condolences to the victims of the riot at PT GNI some time ago. According to him, this should be regretted because currently Indonesia needs a large investment.

“This foreign investment is very beneficial for the whole community and entrepreneurs who are just growing,” he said

Not forgetting that he advised all workers, both TKA and TKI, to maintain harmony with each other so that there would be no friction which could actually harm many parties.

“We should be able to embrace each other, remind each other. Let’s increase economic growth in Central Sulawesi.” Harry said.

In the same vein, North Morowali Community Leader, Jabar Lahadji explained that investment is currently needed by Indonesia and the people in the region.

Investment, continued the Morut Community figure, can boost the economic growth of the surrounding community. He also regretted the incident of rioting at PT GNI some time ago.

“Of course we are grateful for the incoming investment, because it will bring multi-effect regional economies,” he said Monday (23/1)

The former Morut DPRD member also reminded PT GNI’s management to continue to evaluate and improve so that similar incidents would not be repeated in the future. He also hopes that management can continue to open up, including to community leaders and the media.

Separately, the Bahoue Village Head, North Morowali, Muh Syarih supports the existence of PT GNI in his area. According to him, PT GNI has created jobs for Bahoue residents.

“I see the current situation, young people who previously found it difficult to get a job, this company can greatly help and reduce unemployment,” he said

In the future, the Bahoue Lurah hopes that PT GNI’s activities can run normally. He also appealed to residents to maintain security and avoid anarchist demonstrations so that riots do not recur.

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