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Continuing Terror, KST Papua Must Be Taken Firmly


By : Charles Tabuni )*

The crackdown on all Papuan separatist and terrorist groups, especially those in Yahukimo, is something that must be done. This is because they continue to incessantly spread a series of acts of terror that are very cruel and inhumane, thus threatening the security of civil society.

The District Government (Pemkab) of Yahukimo, Papua Mountains Province fully supports the efforts of the joint personnel security apparatus consisting of members of the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to continue to crush separatist groups and terrorists (KST) who have been carrying out chaos and threats in many areas of Papua.

Regarding the support for the security forces, Yahukimo Regent, Didimus Yahuli stated that indeed with the arrest of 22 people on Tuesday, 16 May 2023, all of those arrested were strongly suspected of being involved in the violence case in Dekai District, it is an effort and hard work of the security forces to uphold law and justice in Indonesia.

Of course, the arrest of dozens of separatist and terrorist groups and their sympathizers is clear evidence or a very firm implementation by the security forces regarding how often cases of very cruel and inhumane violence are perpetrated by KST Papua, including in the Dekai District.

With a strong commitment and accompanied by concrete actions that have been taken by security forces in dealing with separatist and terrorist groups on Cenderawasih Earth, of course this is very important to be fully supported by all elements of the nation.

All the power and efforts of the security forces in taking firm action against KST Papua, carrying out raids and also arrests and detentions have the goal of actually stopping all acts of violence against residents in Yahukimo Regency.

Therefore, great appreciation should be given to the hard work of the security forces from joint personnel, TNI, Polri and BIN, namely being able to arrest as many as 22 sympathizers of Papuan separatist and terrorist groups for the attack on residents in Dekai District, which was carried out by the Task Force Team (Satgas) Damai Cartenz and also the Yahukimo Resort Police (Polres).

In an effort to uphold this law, indeed the security forces in Indonesia continue to carry out and strive for it even without discrimination and indiscriminately, so it is hoped that all people in the region can contribute actively in maintaining security and order (kamtibmas) as a whole. active and together.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Public Information Bureau (Karopenmas) of the Public Relations Division (Humas) of the Indonesian National Police (Polri), Brigadier General of Police (Brigjen Pol) Ahmad Ramadhan stated that security forces had also succeeded in arresting one of the KST Papua leaders with the initials KTH aka PH.

The arrest of the leader of the Papuan separatist and terrorist group in Yahukimo was carried out on Friday 19 May 2023 at 13:30 Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT).

Sadly, the leader of KST Papua with the initials KTH alias PH who was arrested by the security forces was also involved in a number of very barbaric crimes committed by the separatist and terrorist group in the jurisdiction of the Yahukimo Police, Papua Mountains Province.

Some of these crimes included the killing of members of the TNI on November 4 2022 and also the shooting of members of the Yahukimo Police which resulted in the death of Police Brigadier (Brigpol) Usdar on November 29 2022.

It didn’t quite end there, but KTH alias PH also participated in the shooting of members of the Preventive Task Force Mobile Brigade (Brimob) on November 30 2022 and there was another shooting at the Yahukimo Police on December 30 2022.

For the shooting of a Brimob member on 30 November 2022, the KST Papua leader has now been officially named a suspect because 2 (two) pieces of evidence have been found regarding his involvement in the case. Currently, he has been handed over to investigators from the Cartenz Damai Investigation Team and has been secured at the Directorate of General Criminal Research (Dirkrimum) Building for the Papua Regional Police (Polda).

Because the Papuan separatist and terrorist (KST) groups, especially in Yahukimo, must be completely annihilated by the security forces in order to uphold the law and also to guarantee the situation. conducive to being able to restore peace and tranquility to the Earth of Cenderawasih.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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