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President Jokowi’s Performance Receives Public Appreciation


By: Alexander Joshua Galen )*

President Jokowi’s performance received full appreciation from the public. They are satisfied with him who has worked hard so that Indonesia can rise from the pandemic. This country has survived the threat of a 2023 recession and is a country with a healthy economy.

President Jokowi is a leader who is loved by the people. They are always satisfied with his performance, especially in infrastructure development. President Jokowi succeeded in building a better Indonesia and safely passing through the pandemic storm. Public appreciation makes trust in the government continue to increase. 

According to a survey at an R&D, public satisfaction with the administration of President Jokowi-Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin has increased, namely at 70.1%. This periodic survey was conducted through face-to-face interviews which were held from April 29 to May 10, 2023. A total of 1,200 respondents were randomly selected using a stratified systematic sampling method in 38 provinces of Indonesia.

When there is an increase in public appreciation of the government, it shows that President Jokowi is truly loved by the people. This survey is valid because the margin of error is only 5%, and in fact, everyone is satisfied with the current government.

Community appreciation is present because during the second term of President Jokowi’s leadership, many improvements  were felt by the people, such as the construction of various infrastructures. In addition, Indonesia has also achieved achievements by being trusted to host international events such as the 2018 Asian Games, the 2022 G20 Summit, and the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

Emrus Sihombing, Political Observer from Pelita Harapan University, stated that it is only natural that people feel satisfied with President Jokowi because he is responsive in helping the community, for example when the price of cooking oil rises (there is BLT for cooking oil). He understands the needs of the community so he quickly provides direct assistance. 

The assistance given to the people was not only BLT for cooking oil, but also various other social assistance. At the beginning of the pandemic, they were given social assistance in the form of groceries and were eventually replaced with money because it was more practical in giving it (to various regions). After all, if the assistance is in the form of basic necessities, unscrupulous candidates for office can be tricked by placing stickers on social assistance packages and it becomes an illegal campaign.

Bansos money is also given directly to the account to prevent the game of unscrupulous people who will throw it away. President Jokowi thinks of ways to help people who are in trouble during a pandemic and keep them away from bad elements. With transfers, social assistance is guaranteed to be safe and can be used for shopping. 

President Jokowi’s method of overcoming the impact of a pandemic was also praised by the public for not only providing social assistance. But also by implementing good programs for the future. For example, at the start of the pandemic, last March 2020. Indonesia is not locked down  like other countries and this has an effect on the economy, because if the lockdown is  total then the economy will automatically be paralyzed.

President Jokowi is far-sighted and doesn’t just decide Indonesia without  a lockdown. He also quickly ordered the Sinovac vaccine once the vaccine was mass produced. The vaccine is also proven to be halal by MUI and has a BPOM number so that people are not afraid when they are injected. President Jokowi is also the first Indonesian citizen to be injected with the Sinovac vaccine to prove its safety.

Meanwhile, Politician Hasto Kristiyanto expressed his joy at the survey results. This means that the people have been satisfied with the performance of President Jokowi’s government. This is the first time that there is a president who is so loved by many people.

When the level of public satisfaction with the president and vice president rises, it is the result of President Jokowi’s hard work since 2014. Since the beginning as president, Mr. Jokowi has been committed to advancing Indonesia. Starting from bureaucratic reform and eradicating KKN. The reason is because if the bureaucracy is fixed, it will be easier to manage important papers and permits, making it easier for the people.

The bureaucratic reform was followed by the promulgation of the Job Creation Law, which made it easier to get business licensing, made the business category risk-based (so that processing permits was much cheaper), shortened the duration of obtaining business licenses, and turned it into an online system. In this way it will be more concise, practical, and free of KKN because there is no potential for extortion.

In addition to bureaucratic reform, President Jokowi, assisted by KH Ma’ruf Amin, continues to develop Indonesia through national economic development projects. Even though there is a pandemic, the project continues, because it will bring benefits for decades to come. Highways, highways, dams, all built for the people.

When there is infrastructure thanks to a national development project, the people benefit because their mobility is facilitated and they are not afraid of floods or drought. In addition, investment is also very easy to enter because foreign investors require good infrastructure. In Indonesia, the infrastructure is evenly distributed, not only in Java, so that there are also many investment projects outside Java.

President Jokowi’s performance received appreciation from the public. When there is an increase in people’s satisfaction, it indicates that people love the current government more and more. The proof is that they comply with various programs made by the government. In addition, residents are also satisfied because there have been various advances in Indonesia, ranging from infrastructure to progress in the economic sector.

)* The author is a Contributor to Suara Khatulistiwa

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