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Head of North Morowali Regency Legislative Council: Morut’s Conditions Are Conducive, Safe and Controlled


North Morowali – Chairman of the DPRD North Morowali Regency Hj. Megawati Ambo Arsa confirmed that the situation and conditions in North Morowali, Central Sulawesi, are currently conducive, safe and under control. Of course, these situations and conditions can be achieved thanks to the good cooperation of a number of stakeholders, from the security forces to the community.

“Praise God it’s conducive, safe under control. This is thanks to the cooperation of all stakeholders, especially officers from the TNI and Polri together with the people of North Morowali themselves,” said the Chairperson of the North Morowali Regency DPRD when met in Morut Friday (20/1/2022).

Hj. Megawati Ambo Arsa said that this incident should not happen again in our beloved North Morowali area. Conducive and safe conditions must be maintained by the community so that we can all live in peace and quiet.

The Chairperson of the DPRD of North Morowali Regency hopes that all the problems related to the incident will sit together to discuss, discuss and find the best solution for this area.

Don’t let the existing problems heat up the situation so that many people are provoked by issues that are not true. Therefore it is important for all parties to find the best solution by using peaceful means without anarchism, concluded the Chairman of the DPRD of North Morowali Regency, Hj. Megawati Ambo Arsa.

Meanwhile, a member of the North Morowali Regency DPRD from the PKS party, Yanto Baoli, expressed the same thing. According to him, conditions in North Morowali are very conducive.

“Conditions in North Morowali after the incident at PT. GNI are very conducive so that workers can work as usual and the community can carry out their daily activities,” explained Yanto Baoli.

With the creation of conduciveness in North Morowali, we must give appreciation to law enforcement officials. In this case, the TNI and Polri have secured the North Morowali district, said a member of the North Morowali Regency DPRD from the PKS party.

This is our hope as people’s representatives, so that Tepe Asa Moroso’s land will always be cool and peaceful and the investment climate in Tepe Asa Moroso’s land will always be maintained, regulatory signs will continue to be maintained by incoming investors. Hopefully in the future there will be no more incidents like what happened a few days ago, hoped Yanto Baoli.

Very appreciative to the TNI and POLRI who have worked extra day and night, without knowing themselves tired, without knowing tired. They continuously carry out security both at PT. GNI itself, and in general at North Morowali

We must be able to maintain conditions that are very conducive, safe, comfortable in the land of Tepe Asa Moroso for investment from foreign entrepreneurs.

It needs to be understood and understood by the community and workers that first is PT. GNI is our common asset. PT. GNI belongs to North Morowali. PT.GNI is a place for us to find food for us to look after together and no one should be harmed by investors coming in, said Yanto Baoli.

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