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KST Papua Must Be Eradicated, Community Supports Security Forces Using Firm Steps


By: Maria Suhiap)*

The Papuan Separatist and Terrorist Group (KST) must be completely annihilated and eradicated. Therefore, all security forces should use a series of very firm steps and no longer need to use humane operations when dealing with this very heinous separatist group.

The National Police Chief, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, also spoke out about the attack carried out by KST Papua, which even led to the recent death of an Indonesian National Army (TNI) soldier.

Given this incident, the National Police Chief emphasized that the TNI and the Indonesian National Police (Polri) would take many firm steps, including law enforcement in the field. Not even half-hearted, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo said that the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, Admiral Yudo Margono, went directly to Papua and mobilized his troops to go directly to Cenderawasih Earth.

Security forces from joint personnel consisting of the TNI, Polri and the National Intelligence Agency (BIN) will evacuate soldiers and continue to take various steps to strictly enforce the law against the shootings in Papua. Also included, the National Police Chief emphasized that security measures to continue to protect the community continue to be pursued.

Meanwhile, Member of Commission I of the House of Representatives of the Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) from the Golkar Party Fraction, Dave Laksono also emphasized that Papuan separatist and terrorist groups (KST) must be dealt with very firmly.

His party asked all joint personnel security forces to be able to work together in terms of carrying out security and taking firm action against KST Papua. The attack carried out by KST on the TNI and the hostage of Pilot Susi Air is a separatist crime that must be eradicated because it will damage the peace of Papua and Indonesia.

Dave added that KST Papua does not care about human rights issues or protecting other people’s rights to life. But sadly, they always use human rights issues for the sake of separatist interests that they do. According to him, it is not only separatist and terrorist groups that must be dealt with firmly, but also other parties who have helped KST Papua so far must also be hunted down because they are also among the perpetrators of serious human rights violations because they have supported the activities of KST Papua.

On another occasion, still related to strict law enforcement efforts that will be carried out by security forces against KST Papua, the TNI Commander, Admiral Yudo Margono then emphasized that this time his troops would absolutely no longer be humane towards the separatist and terrorist groups.

This assertion from Admiral Yudo was indeed very appropriate because in fact the operations carried out by the security forces in a humane way in Papua were not aimed at KST Papua at all, but for the people. Precisely when dealing with the KST who did not even hesitate to kill security personnel and also continued to spread cruelty to society, of course, humanist operations could no longer be used.

The purpose of a humanist operation here is when all levels of the security apparatus from the joint personnel of the TNI, Polri and BIN are ready to continue to assist in all types of activities carried out by the community.

On the other hand, security forces are also required to be able to maintain their combat instincts. So that if at any time there was a firefight, as some time ago, the security forces in the nearest area were ready to fight.

So far, the actions taken by the security forces in Tanah Papua have been very humane. According to Admiral Yudo, humanism is when the security forces can work together with the community to protect their area, including carrying out household activities and sending their children to school. .

As reported, the shootout between the TNI and the KKB or separatist group occurred in Mugi-Mam, Nduga Regency, Papua, on Saturday (15/4/2023) at 16.30 WIT. This shootout killed Private First Class Miftahul Arifin from the Yonif Raider Infantry Battalion Task Force 321/Galuh Taruna (Yonif R 321/GT).

Private First Class Miftahul Arifin was shot while on a mission to find Susi Air pilot Philips Mark Mehrtens (37), in the Mugi District, Nduga Regency, Papua Mountains, Saturday (15/4/2023) afternoon WIT.

At present the security forces have started to take a number of very firm steps, including law enforcement efforts to take action against KST Papua. Even the TNI Commander has emphasized that his staff will not use humanist operations when dealing with separatist groups, all of this in order to eradicate KST Papua to restore peace to Cenderawasih Earth.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bali

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