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Morut Community Leader Invites Community to Create Conducive Situation


North Morowali – The current condition after the clash incident at PT. GNI has been running normally and is conducive where employees work and carry out activities as usual even though they are still guarded by security forces.

Related to this, religious figure Ustadz Faisal Dg. Siame , Rais Syuriah The management of the Nahdlatul Ulama Branch (PCNU) of North Morowali district gave an appeal to all people and employees of PT. GNI to assist in creating a conducive situation.

“I appeal to all North Morowali people to continue their activities as usual, especially to all employees, workers who are within the scope of PT. GNI,” he said.

Ustadz Faisal invites the whole community not to be provoked by outstanding issues and to maintain security and order for the continuity of the investment climate in North Morowali.

“Together we maintain security and order so that the investment climate continues as usual,” said Ustadz Faisal.

Apart from that, he also appreciated all parties involved in creating a conducive situation, especially the contribution from the TNI/Polri who helped quell the riots that occurred at the location of PT. GNI.

“I appreciate the TNI/Polri security forces and also the government for controlling the situation so that it is safe and conducive,” he said.

On the other hand, the traditional leader of the Bunta community, Drs. J. Pode Tobogu said that the presence of PT. GNI has had a positive impact on the welfare of the Bunta people .

“In further developments, we, the indigenous people of Bunta , are grateful for the existence of PT. Where does GNI enter in our area, with the entry of PT. GNI provides a level of economic and welfare for the people of Bunta ,” said Pode Tobogu

For information, PT GNI is included in Indonesia’s national strategic project (PSN) in the downstream sector mineral and coal . In this case, PT GNI produces ferronickel products which are then processed into stainless steel which is used for the production of stainless and nickel iron industries. alloy .

PT GNI is able to produce 10-12 percent Nickel Pig Iron (NPI) with an annual production capacity of 2,000,000 metric tons. Production results are supplied directly to consumers who are then processed again into products that can be used daily.

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