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Papua KST Abomination, Community Terror to Use Youth as Sympathizers


By: Rebecca Marian )*

The savagery that was carried out by KST Papua turned out to be continuing day by day. Not only do they intensify various kinds of actions that are completely inhumane and terror that seriously threatens society, but they also heartlessly use and use the youth of the next generation of Papua as their sympathizers.

As many as 22 people suspected of being sympathizers of the Papuan separatist and terrorist group (KST) have been arrested by security forces consisting of joint personnel from the Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI), the Indonesian National Police (Polri) and the State Intelligence Agency (BIN). . The arrest was made in Yahukimo District, Papua Mountains Province.

Not just sympathizers, but it is suspected that they were also involved in a series of heinous and completely inhumane actions from KST Papua by carrying out acts of terror and even killing.

Regarding the success of the arrests that have been carried out by the security forces, the Head of Public Relations (Humas) of the Papua Regional Police (Polda Papua), Police Chief Commissioner (Kombes Pol) Ignatius Benny Ady Prabowo said that as many as 22 sympathizers were successfully arrested in Obio Complex, Agricultural Road, Dekai District, Yahukimo on Tuesday 16 May 2023 at around 02:54 Eastern Indonesian Time (WIT).

After being arrested by the security forces from the joint personnel, they were immediately taken to the Yahukimo Police Headquarters, and now they are all being investigated there.

The security forces of course continue to try to dig up various kinds of information that can be obtained from sympathizers of the separatist group and the Bumi Cenderawasih terrorists. So it’s not surprising, investigations are continuing to be carried out to be able to check whether their involvement in a number of terror acts that have been carried out by KST Papua so far.

Meanwhile, the Head of the Operational Section (Kabag Ops), Yahukimo Resort Police (Polres), Adjunct Police Commissioner (AKP) Alwi Wairooy emphasized that indeed the arrests that had been carried out by the security forces from the joint personnel were not random.

How could it not be, the article is that the arrests that were made were a manifestation of concrete actions by the security forces consisting of the TNI, Polri and BIN in the development of a series of cases or acts of murder that had been carried out by KST Papua, especially in the Yahukimo area.

It cannot be denied that lately, various kinds of very heinous and inhumane acts have been continuously carried out by these separatist and terrorist groups in Yahukimo. So that with a series of brutal acts that continued to occur and made civil society threatened for their safety, the security forces immediately acted quickly and decisively to be able to develop and uphold the law against all perpetrators.

The result was that there were raids on as many as 22 members of the KST Papua sympathizers. Of course, these results prove once again that indeed the security forces in Indonesia are not at all playing games with the gangs of separatist and terrorist groups in Papua who continue to threaten security and stability in this country.

The sad thing is, it turns out that of the number of people who were successfully secured by the security forces, it turned out that as many as 4 (four) of them were students, then there were 2 (two) of them who were still students and the other 3 (three) were village heads. .

KST Papua even recruited youth sympathizers indiscriminately, some of whom were underage children who were 11 years old and there were also students aged 17 years.

Whereas on the other hand, the Government of the Republic of Indonesia itself has actually given Papua a lot of freedom, because they are one of the few regions in the country that have been given special autonomy (otsus) so that they are able to manage their own government.

Of course, the provision of special autonomy is intended to be able to provide more opportunities that are wide open for sons and daughters in the Papua region to be able to make their real contribution directly in advancing Cenderawasih Earth in accordance with the hopes and needs of local residents.

However, unfortunately the various efforts that are being carried out by the Government of Indonesia are in fact still being hampered. One of the main obstacles is the presence of KST Papua which continues to spread a series of acts of cruelty and terror in society.

They even use the next generation of youths in Papua to be recruited and indoctrinated so that they can become their sympathizers to be manipulated so that they can participate in the series of atrocities being committed. Not only have they violated human rights, but they have also clearly abused minors.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Jakarta

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