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The Situation Continues to Improve, PT GNI Employees Now Work Normal


Morowali Utara- After the clash that occurred at PT. GNI, the current situation is conducive and employees are back to work. However, strict guard was carried out by the police in order to anticipate any provocations.

“In front of the gate, security officers, supervised by TNI-Polri officers, checked the ID cards of employees who had started to work,” said Head of Public Relations of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Kombes Didik Supranoto, in his statement.

Until now, based on monitoring at PT. GNI Foreign Workers (TKA) and Indonesian Workers (TKI) have reconciled and have returned to normal activities .

The Central Sulawesi Regional Police also stated that Indonesian workers (TKI) and foreign workers (TKA) who clashed at PT GNI, North Morowali ( Morut ), have reconciled. It was stated that the two of them had mingled and started working.

“Both parties have blended in harmoniously carrying out activities according to their respective fields of work,” said Head of Public Relations of the Central Sulawesi Regional Police, Kombes Didik Supranoto.

As is known, PT GNI is a nickel ore extraction or refining company ( smelter ) which was established in 2019. The nickel company has a production target of up to 1.9 million nickel Pig Iron (NPI) every year.

PT GNI is included in Indonesia’s national strategic project (PSN) in the downstream sector mineral and coal . PT GNI produces ferronickel products which are then processed into stainless steel which is used for the production of stainless and nickel iron industries alloy .

For this reason, the government through the Coordinating Minister for Politics, Law and Security ( Menkopolhukam ) Mahfud MD made a number of statements regarding the government’s stance on the incident.

Mahfud said that the government regretted the clash between employees at PT GNI and asked that the incident be ended as well as possible.

The government also asked that all people calm down and return to normal life because the current situation in North Morowali is conducive.

“The apparatus together with the local government and PT GNI continue to seek the best possible solution to this incident,” Mahfud said in a press release from the Coordinating Ministry for Polhukam ,

Meanwhile, the Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) for Central Sulawesi (South Sulawesi), Habib Ali bin Muhammad Aljufr, said he was concerned about the riots that had taken place.

He also asked all parties to refrain from doing things that could have bigger consequences.

“After all, investment activities have benefits for the community. Even though there was indeed damage caused by the incident, “he concluded

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