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Wamenaker Call PT. GNI Will Improve Company Operations


Morowali Utara – Deputy Minister of Manpower ( Wamenaker ) Afriansyah Noor paid a visit to PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) on Thursday (19/1/2023). This is after the deadly clashes that occurred a few days ago.

The Wamenaker also held a closed meeting with the management of PT. GNI accompanied by the local government, the Central Sulawesi Provincial Employment Service, the North Morowali Police, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) Headquarters and the National Police.

The meeting discussed the riot at PT GNI on 14 January 2023 which killed two PT GNI workers.

“So as a result, this problem arose because there were protests from workers/laborers about K3. So, based on this K3 reason, the workers finally carried out demonstrations, causing damage and casualties at PT GNI,” said Wamenaker Afriansyah

However, the Wamenaker said that the management accepted all the inputs and would improve the operations of PT. GNI includes K3.

“We said everything earlier, management (PT GNI) received input from us and will improve everything, including the K3,” he said.

With this meeting, Wamenaker Afriansyah Noor hopes that all problems can be resolved and the same incident will not be repeated. He also hopes that the management will also open good communication with employees of PT. GNI.

“This meeting is expected to find a good solution by listening to information between the management and the workers, so that there is good industrial relations between the two parties,” he said.

Meanwhile, North Morowali Regent Delis J. Hehi said that the company’s operational conditions were running normally and employees had started working as usual although they still had to be guarded by security.

“I am very optimistic that recovery will soon occur so that the company’s operations can recover soon,” he said.

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