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Visit PT. GNI, Deputy Manpower Gives Some Input to Management


North Morowali – Deputy Minister of Manpower ( Wamenaker ) Afriansyah Noor visited PT Gunbuster Nickel Industry (GNI) in North Morowali Regency, Central Sulawesi, on Thursday (19/1).

The visit was an order from the Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah that the Wamenaker go directly to inspect the conditions at PT. GNI after a clash incident that claimed lives.

In his activities, Wamenaker Afriansyah Noor explained a number of important points related to the riots that occurred on Saturday night (14/1).

Afriansyah explained that the relationship between PT.GNI company management and the workers’ union was not going well, however, the demonstrations carried out by the PT. GNI is based on K3 ( Occupational Safety , Health and Security).

“Based on the explanation above, I see that the relationship between the company PT. GNI and the workers’ union is not going well, whatever the reason, the entrance is related to K3,” said Wamenaker Afriansyah

Apart from that, Afriansyah Noor also advised the company PT. GNI should not close itself to the environment, especially the aspirations of its employees. He also asked PT. GNI to prepare public facilities.

In his meeting with PT. GNI, Afriansyah also suggested to the company PT. GNI to establish a bipartite and tripartite working relationship with the PT. GNI to be able to solve problems that exist in PT. GNI.

Deputy Minister of Manpower Afriansyah Noor also said that investment in Chinese companies was still wide open and hoped that the investment made by PT. GNI can provide benefits for the nation and state of Indonesia.

” Hopefully the investments built by companies from China will turn into useful investments for the Indonesian Nation and State,” said Wamenaker Afriansyah Noor.

Meanwhile, during a visit to PT. GNI, Deputy Manpower accompanied by North Morowali Regent Delis Julkarson hey . He thanked the TNI-Polri security forces for creating a conducive situation after the clash incident at PT. GNI.

“The Regional Government of North Morowali Regency, would like to thank the security forces for the quick response from the TNI-Polri for their participation in creating a security atmosphere in this place ,” said Delis.

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