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Front Guard Village Officials Maintain Harmony Ahead of the 2024 Election


By : Putri Dewi Nathania )*

The role of all elements of society, including elements of village officials, is very important, because they are at the forefront of being able to continue to maintain and guarantee or strive for harmony and peace among citizens, especially in the face of the 2024 general election democracy.

Deputy Chairperson of the People’s Consultative Assembly of the Republic of Indonesia (MPR RI), Yandri Susanto invited all village officials, namely the Village Head (Kades) as well as Rukun Tetangga (RT) and Rukun Warga (RW) administrators to always continue to maintain unity and integrity. to cohesiveness in society.

The invitation to continue to create a peaceful situation in the midst of society is indeed a very important thing, especially ahead of the democratic party of political contestation, namely the General Election (Election) which will be held on the upcoming 14 February 2024.

It’s not half-hearted, even the positions held by all village officials such as the Village Head to the local RT or RW administrators are important and strategic positions because they are the front guard to be able to continue to maintain harmony and peace in the community.

Of course, for example, without the dedication and presence of local village officials, the establishment of harmony and also peace that has been good in the community will definitely be disrupted and it is very easy to be disturbed, especially in the midst of increasingly heated up-to-date political issues as Election Day approaches. 2024.

When the conducive situation in the community is disrupted, it will also greatly affect the stability of the country so that it will threaten the unity and integrity of the people in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

Therefore, the village officials themselves must continue to be motivated and they must also be able to continue to increase their own motivation to continue to encourage the community to always jointly maintain unity and oneness, so as to continue to strengthen harmony in the community environment. to welcome a better Indonesia in the future.

With the circulation of leadership changes, namely rapid democratic elections every 5 (five) years in the country, this is actually a golden momentum to further strengthen unity and oneness in society because later the new leaders will also bring great hopes from all the people. .

It is also undeniable that every person in this country really wants to continue to make changes and improvements in a better direction in the future. For this reason, if the running of the Government is not balanced with a conducive situation in society, of course it will also be difficult and hindering.

In the run-up to the democratic party, which is getting closer and closer, it is very common for the political temperature in the public to heat up too. With the increasing political temperature in Indonesia, it will also increase the tension that occurs.

For this reason, active participation and awareness among the community, especially village officials such as the village head to the RT and RW administrators themselves, need to be continuously improved so that all these elements are able to continue to maintain the conduciveness of their environment with each other.

Indonesia itself is a country that adheres to the principles of democracy in running its government. So, with the existence of this principle, it is also the joint obligation and responsibility of all elements of society to be able to continue to promote it and to be able to maintain each other’s attitude and behavior so that it does not further tarnish the enforcement or democratization which has so far been going well and It has also been fought for with all its last blood by the founding fathers of the nation when they fought against the invaders and won the independence and sovereignty of the Motherland.

The existence of a democratic system or principle applied in Indonesia also makes it possible for people to have different views or differences in political choices. So that the existence of these differences should be addressed normally and very naturally because this is indeed allowed in this country.

Even though it is very permissible for differences in political choices, people should not immediately hate, insult or demean each other, citizens who have different choices with themselves. Efforts to continue to guard against divisions are the shared responsibility of all elements of the nation.

The harmony and peace of the citizens, especially during the 2024 Election event, is indeed something that really deserves to be maintained. In order to maintain and ensure that this continues to happen in the community, it is indeed a shared responsibility and obligation, but in this case, village officials themselves are at the forefront to further strive for this to be realized in the community.

)* The author is a contributor to the Perkasa Media Institute

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