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Indonesian People Have High Diversity, Beware of Identity Politics to Prevent Splits


By: Bimo Ariyan Beeran )*

Communities throughout Indonesia do have a very high level of diversity because they come from a variety of different backgrounds. Therefore awareness of identity politics must continue to be echoed together in order to prevent divisions in society and also to succeed in holding the 2024 general election.

Indonesia is a nation or country which is made up of various ethnic groups, religions, races and cultures and between groups. In a country that is located right on the equator, the country has a lot of natural resources (SDA), including abundant human resources (HR).

Therefore, with such a large population and they all have their own cultural backgrounds which are also very diverse, ranging from religions to different tribes, it is undeniable that this nation is often faced with a condition where unity between communities is severely tested.

One of the tests of unity that the community must continue to fight and face is, especially in the general elections (Pemilu) which are held every 5 (five) years, and will soon be held again, namely in 2024.

It is clear that in political contestation or democratic parties there will be general elections in 2024, the unity of all people in Indonesia will be tested. Therefore, the people themselves must always uphold the national motto, namely Bhinneka Tunggal Ika, or different but still one. Particularly in a political year, which is usually also characterized by unhealthy competition, with one or several certain parties actually playing with the issue of identity politics and using SARA, even though this is a very sensitive issue and also has the potential to divide society. .

Regarding the existence of threats from some unscrupulous election participants who may continue to raise the issue of identity politics only for the sake of themselves and their group to be able to gain votes from the public and win the 2024 election contestation, Political Observer, Ujang Komarudin stated that if it turns out that identity politics continues to be designed, maintained, echoed and also published, then it is like an industry.

Of course, if this continues to be carried out by election participants and is able to affect the community and in the end the community becomes divided, then this is a serious problem that must be handled together. Even now, the target of disseminating issues regarding identity politics itself is no longer only targeting certain vulnerable groups such as the younger generation or millennials, commonly referred to as Gen Z, but has also targeted all components of the nation.

When issues regarding the politicization of identity continue to use SARA language, which is a very sensitive matter because Indonesian society has a very high level of diversity, it continues to be echoed by various election participants or those who support certain candidates, then of course it will have a very bad impact for national unity.

The existence of these things is capable of making people suspicious of each other, and in the end it will also be able to give rise to a horizontal conflict, which should not have happened, especially in every election contestation for democratic parties which is held every 5 (five) years in the country.

Usually, several things that can be seen with the naked eye and are very clear are when there are certain parties who insult each other in terms of identity and tend to carry out black campaigns. In fact, in an election, participants can compete with each other healthily and compete with their ideas or programs, but instead matters regarding identity continue to be echoed. Of course, it will also worsen the quality of Indonesian democracy.

It’s as if, when the issue of identity politics continues to be carried out, it will actually make fellow Indonesian citizens become enemies and hate each other, instead of uniting and establishing brotherhood with one another.

For this reason, all elements of society including participants in the upcoming 2024 Election must be able to work together to minimize the issue of identity politics. The first thing that can be done is to continue to agree with each other not to use identity politics at all in political contestation. Then the second thing that is important is to be able to collectively build mutual awareness in society that the issue of identity politics is a very dangerous thing and should be avoided.

All elements of this nation must work together and be compact in avoiding the use of identity politics because it will be very capable of breaking up the integrity of the Unitary Republic of Indonesia, especially amidst the very high diversity of Indonesian society, issues regarding SARA are indeed very important. sensitive.

)* The author is a contributor to Nusantara Reading Room

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