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BIN’s Real Steps to Build National Insight Through AMN


The construction of the Nusantara Student Dormitory (AMN) in Surabaya has been completed and is planned to be occupied by students from various provinces studying in East Java, especially Surabaya and its surroundings. AMN Surabaya was built on an area of ​​9,975 m2 with a financing scheme from APBN funds.

AMN’s development work seeks environmentally friendly principles using the Green Building philosophy. As for the concept itself, adopting the concept of tropical architecture. In addition to rooms for students, there are also rooms for students with disabilities and rooms for mentors.

The development of AMN is an effort by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) to unite students from various ethnic groups, languages, cultures and religions; who come from various regions in Indonesia and are multi-university in nature. The President of the Republic of Indonesia has assigned BIN to become a catalyst for the development of AMN and issued Presidential Regulation (Perpres) Number 106 of 2021 concerning Nusantara Student Dormitories (AMN) as the basis for this development.

The development of AMN stems from the aspirations of various Papuan community leaders who have expressed their wish that there be a forum or media that can unite the ethnic groups in this country. For this reason, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has engaged a number of ministries and agencies to build the Archipelago Student Dormitory as a forum for uniting students from various ethnic groups, languages, cultures and religions, who come from various regions in Indonesia and are multi-university in nature.

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN) is the catalyst for the development of this AMN. Even starting from planning, preparing for development to inauguration, BIN plays an important role so that AMN development is realized as expected. BIN also cooperates with various parties in providing guidance to student residents of AMN in creating a strong and archipelago-oriented young generation.

The State Intelligence Agency (BIN), which is currently headed by Police General Prof. Dr. Budi Gunawan, S.H., M.Sc. is a state institution that has a role as the front line in the field of intelligence.
BIN is tasked with maintaining national security and defense, in order to ensure the success of national development. So that it is appropriate to be involved in the youth development program as a form of complete human development in preparing a generation of young people who are strong and insightful into the Pancasila and archipelago characters.

AMN development is a joint national project involving a number of Ministries, Institutions and the Provincial Government (Pemprov). The AMN land is prepared by the Provincial Government and construction is carried out by the Ministry of PUPR. While the management and development of AMN is carried out by BIN in collaboration with the Ministry of Education and Culture and also involves the TNI, Polri, Kemenpora and Pemrov operationally, while in the management and development of AMN it also empowers local state universities.

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