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212 Reunion is Useless


By: Muhammad Yasin)*

PA 212 will hold a grand reunion on December 2, 212. This plan is of course immediately opposed by the community, because it has no benefits and can actually cause clusters of Covid-19 spread.

Do you remember what happened on December 2 and November 4 a few years ago? When the masses dressed in white rumbled to protest and finally their wish was granted. However, the action did not get the sympathy of the public because its activities were clearly poisoned by dirty hands and had political nuances. They call themselves PA 212 and want to keep holding the reunion even though the event is over.

December is in sight and PA 212 wants to hold a reunion like in previous years. Of course this was very surprising because they were desperate to gather even though it was still a pandemic. The chairman of the PKS DPP, Mardai Ali Sera, stated that the reunion should be done virtually, again due to the pandemic. While there is still Corona, of course you have to be careful in holding meetings.

In a sense, Mardani subtly rejected the plan for the PA 212 reunion in the Monas field. Moreover, the provincial government of DKI Jakarta has also openly rejected the reunion, because it is considered to have more harm than good. The main cause is the pandemic, because it is strictly forbidden to make a crowd, after all this Reunion is pointless.

It is very natural that the Reunion is not supported by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government because they do not want to increase the number of Corona patients. Currently the situation is relatively safe, and Jakarta is no longer a red zone status, and only has PPKM level 1. It is feared that if there is a 212 Reunion, a new Corona cluster will be formed and the PPKM level could rise to level 3 or even 4.

If DKI Jakarta raises the level to PPKM level 4, there will be a lot of losses, especially for the community. Later schools will be closed and students will study at home again, while their parents will return to work from home. This situation affects the economy because traders around offices and schools will lose their customers.

In addition, if a new Corona cluster is formed, it will be torturous for health workers. Previously, they were relieved because the number of patients had decreased significantly compared to the beginning of the pandemic. However, if there are many Covid cases, their work will be much more tiring, because they have to be on standby in long shifts for 12 hours. Whereas situations like this can be dangerous because the health workers are too tired and are in danger of losing their lives.

The 212 reunion is also not useful because apart from the potential to create new clusters, it is also just a place to talk nonsense. Why are hundreds of people gathered in the Monas Square? Even though the place was still closed during the pandemic by the manager. If they really have a new gathering place, then they just hold an oration and eat together, then go home screaming incoherently.

In fact, the speech in question is blasphemy against the government, because they are firmly in the opposition. It’s a shame when they can only launch non-constructive criticism but can’t provide a solution. They can only blame others but forget about their own mistakes, forming a crowd even though it is still a pandemic.

Just cancel the 212 reunion plan because first, the Monas field is still closed. Second, there is no permission from the authorities or the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government, because it is still a pandemic. While the third, Reunion 212 already has a political tendency towards 2024, and what is unfortunate is that many people gather but can only blaspheme each other without contributing anything to this country.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusa Bangsa Institute

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