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Infrastructure Development Boosts Papuan People’s Economy


By: Robert Patiray)*

The government continues to accelerate infrastructure development in Papua. The acceleration of development aims to increase the people’s economy.

What do you remember about Papua? Some people know Papua as an exotic place and full of natural beauty. Others remember Raja Ampat, which became a hit tourist spot and a favorite, both local and foreign tourists. Papua is improving and branding itself as a place for traveling that can be visited after the pandemic.

However, tourism must be supported by infrastructure, because if the roads are damaged or the bridges are not strong, tourists will be lazy to visit there again. Therefore, the government is rushing to build various infrastructures such as representative roads and bridges. So that tourists will feel comfortable.

If the infrastructure has been built properly it will have an impact on tourist visits. They will return to Papua again, even bringing their friends and family. Tourism in Bumi Cendrawasih will reopen, provided that it adheres to health protocols. The state of the people’s economy will revive and start from the movement of the tourism sector.

In addition to the convenience of the tourists, infrastructure development will improve the financial condition of the Papuan people, also in Yapen. This area consists of islands so infrastructure development is very important. If there is no bridge, how to connect between regions? With the raft is a bit difficult because it depends on the weather and nature.

The new infrastructure in Yapen is the Sumboy Bridge which is 80 meters long. The bridge connects the Kosiwo District and West Yapen, and facilitates the mobility of the people. Many are helped by the presence of this bridge because there is no need to be confused about how to cross a fast-flowing river.

If there is a bridge, the residents will benefit because their mobility will be helped. They can commute to Kosiwo District to another place, and take advantage of the bridge’s power. If the mobility is fast, it saves time and makes civilians happy, because things run smoothly.

The business that is also smooth is the distribution of goods, so that people’s trade will also run smoothly. If the supply of goods does not stagnate (due to weather or other factors), then business people will be more enthusiastic about selling, because buyers also always repeat orders. They will get multiple benefits and eventually the economy in Papua will improve. All this thanks to the presence of a bridge in Yapen.

This positive domino effect is what the government expects. Therefore, they do not hesitate to disburse quite a lot of funds to build bridges, roads and other infrastructure. The reason is because it has been proven to benefit the community and improve the financial condition of the Papuan people.

Appreciation should be given after the bridge is built, because during this pandemic it does not mean that infrastructure projects are stagnant. Precisely to overcome the impact of the pandemic, development will continue. So that it can facilitate mobility and improve the economic conditions of Papuans.

The community always appreciates the construction of bridges, because in addition to increasing finances, it is also a form of attention from the central government to the Papuan people. In the era of President Jokowi’s administration, infrastructure development was carried out evenly, from Sabang to Merauke. It also shows the principle of justice and implements Pancasila.

Infrastructure development in Papua is very influential in the economic field. If the infrastructure in the form of roads and bridges is good, then mobility will be smooth. People can drive safely, comfortably, and quickly, so that their business will also run smoothly. We should appreciate the government’s steps to boost infrastructure development in Papua.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Medan

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