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Anies’ thoughts are narrow, facts prove that people are more satisfied in the Jokowi era


Jakarta – Development in the infrastructure sector has become one of the focuses of the government of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi), in an effort to realize a Golden Indonesia.

Regarding the statement by AHY and Anies Basweden (AB) comparing the road construction during the Jokowi and SBY eras, the Special Staff of the Minister of State Secretary Faldo Maldini said that, according to a survey, the number of public satisfaction with Jokowi’s performance was higher in the second term than the previous president.

“Now the people really feel very high satisfaction in Jokowi’s performance, some even say it has exceeded the 82 percent mark,” Faldo told the media, Sunday (21/5).

Previously, the Minister of Finance (Minister of Finance) Sri Mulyani said at the DPR RI plenary meeting, Jakarta, Friday (19/5/2023), that in the last 8 years, under President Jokowi, various developments have been realized in all regions. Even a number of vital infrastructure increased significantly both in terms of quantity and quality. The length of national roads, which was previously recorded at 46,432 kilometers in 2014, will increase by 1,385 kilometers to 47,817 kilometers in 2022.

Meanwhile, the total length of provincial and district/city roads also increased from 464,280 kilometers to 501,344 kilometers. Then, toll roads recorded an increase of 1,500 kilometers, from 930 kilometers in 2014 to 2,499 kilometers in 2022. Sri Mulyani said that there were still 1,800 kilometers of toll roads to be built.

However, Jokowi’s administration is not only focused on toll roads, but many free-of-charge roads that were built during the current government era.

This fact is of course contrary to Anies Basweden’s statement, which repeatedly compared the construction of free public roads during the SBY era and the Jokowi era.

Meanwhile, KSP Main Expert Ade Irfan Pulungan said that Anies’ comparison confirmed that his point of view was partial and did not see the whole.

“All developments carried out by the government, whoever the president is, we have to look at his point of view, this is part of developing Indonesia and the welfare of the people. The way of thinking should be like that. So the way of thinking should not be partial (partially),” he said, Sunday (21). /5). [-ed]

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