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Comparing the Era of Jokowi and SBY, Ade Irfan: Anies’ point of view is partial


Jakarta – During Jokowi’s administration, many road infrastructure developments were built and were very well received by the community. This was revealed by KSP Main Expert Ade Irfan Pulungan.

“For example, the construction of a toll road, even though it is paid, helps the people’s economy and business actors who need connectivity between regions quickly.” he said.

This is because toll roads are one of the links between regions that can be done quickly.

“Users of the road are ordinary people, whether it’s the general public or business needs. So, if business needs, of course, you need speed of time, right? He connects from one place to another,” he said.

Regarding Anies Basweden’s statement comparing SBY’s and President Jokowi’s infrastructure development, Ade Irfan said that the comparison made by Anies confirmed that his point of view was partial and did not see the whole.

“All the developments carried out by the government, whoever the president is, we have to look at his point of view, this is part of developing Indonesia and the welfare of the people. The way of thinking should be like that. So the way of thinking should not be partial,” he said, Sunday (21/5). .

The chairman of the Perindo Party National Daily, Tuan Guru Bajang (TGB) Muhammad Zainul Majdi, thinks that Anies’ statement is inappropriate if he boasts of more development in the SBY era.

“I have one note that Mr Anies did not mention, forgot, I do not know this was intentional or unintentional, as a presidential candidate he should have mentioned it in full,” he said, Monday (22/5).

According to TGB, Anies did not disclose all development data. In addition, many infrastructures were successfully built during the Jokowi era.

“If we submit complete data on the construction of free roads under President Jokowi, starting with national, provincial, district, city roads, then the figure is around 340 thousand kilometers, far above the previous free road construction,” TGB explained.Not only in the infrastructure sector, but the development of human resources (HR) is inseparable from President Jokowi’s attention. In fact, Jokowi was able to balance infrastructure and human resource development.This can be seen from Jokowi’s various programs and policies so far that place HR as a development priority.

By encouraging digital transformation, building creative forums for the younger generation such as PYCH and AMN, launching independent campuses and so on. [-ed]

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