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Development of New Autonomous Region in Papua Involves All Stakeholders


By:  Viktor Awoitauw )*

The development or expansion of the region through the New Autonomous Region (DOB) of Papua is very important to be able to continue to involve all stakeholders from various sectors, so that the acceleration of development in Cenderawasih Earth can be carried out far more optimally.

The Government of the Republic of Indonesia (RI) and also the City Government (Pemkot) of Jayapura, Papua Province continue to plan 2023 as a year full of collaboration to continue to carry out development on Cenderawasih Earth. Of course, because it is said to be collaboration, it also continues to involve a lot of parties.

It is known that in efforts to carry out development in Papua, many parties are involved, starting from the Regional Government (Pemda), the private sector, communities, actors in the business world to all stakeholders. The entire involvement of the various stakeholders is none other than aimed at being able to develop the country so that it can be even better in the future.

The role of all these components is indeed one of the keys to success in carrying out development. The reason is, in every element of the involvement of all these components, in fact they all have their own potential and abilities, so that they can complement each other through good cooperation and integration that is continuously being carried out.

Also through this collaboration, each stakeholder concerned is able to take part in overseeing development in Papua. Thus, deficiencies that may still exist in one particular section can be immediately covered by other parties with proper coordination.

So far, the Land of Papua is known as an area that actually has extraordinary potential, especially from the natural wealth they have. Not only that, but in fact, Bumi Cenderawasih also has community resources (HR) with a large and potential work force.

For this reason, until now, since the government in the era of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) went through various kinds of development equity programs which he has continued to intensify by no longer adhering to a Java-centric development paradigm, but replacing it with an Indonesia-centric development paradigm, it is hoped that developments will continue to occur in Papuan.

The participation or role of all stakeholders, including actors in the business world, cannot be underestimated how big their contribution is. All parties really really want to be able to continue to advance Cenderawasih Earth, not just the local community. 

So, in order to achieve the aspired goals, it is indeed very obligatory to continue to be accompanied by an increase in the quality of human resources (HR), because with an increase in the quality of human resources, it is able to further maintain the quality of the people in the Land of Papua. also increasingly building on the acceleration of development in Papua.

Regarding the participation or active role of various groups of people, including efforts to continuously improve the quality of human resources in the Land of Papua, the Acting Mayor of Jayapura, Frans Pekey stated that indeed there is an increase in quality human resources, in fact it is not only the duty of the Education Office alone, but in a broader context, this should also be encouraged by all parties, starting from the education of state apparatus, the community and also health workers (Nakes) which is also very important to do.

In addition, in terms of development in Papua, what the Government of Indonesia intends this time not only to carry out physical development, but also in the context of development in the economic sector, which must also immediately experience improvement, one of which is to continue to provide convenience to investors to carry out capital investment.

This is of course also to make these investors want to continue to open businesses and further advance the people in Papua, with the addition of jobs so that it also contributes to increasing the level of welfare of the local community.

With the ownership of very abundant natural resources, indeed to continue to create progress in the Land of Papua, it should indeed be able to continue to be supported by a solid climate for trade and services, so that this will also affect the ease of investment and licensing so that it can enter into one of the top priority programs in 2023.

Then it shifted from how the role of the security forces which also contributed greatly in the context of accelerating development in Papua. with optimal support from the security forces, then of course the conducive situation in Cenderawasih Earth will become more conducive, so that economic development and improvement of people’s welfare can be fulfilled.

It is indeed very important for all stakeholders to be actively involved and mutually integrate each other so that they can unite to build the Land of Papua. With good cooperation established from all these parties, it will be able to complement each other from various sectors.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Bandung

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