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Ensure the Smoothness and Security of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, Various Rules Are Established


JAKARTA — In order to prepare for the entire implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit in Jakarta, several regulations will apply in the near future.

This of course aims to ensure that all processes for holding international events led by Indonesia run safely and smoothly.

In this regard, Acting (Pj) Governor of DKI Jakarta Heru Budi Hartono explained that Distance Learning (PJJ) will be implemented for schools in Central Jakarta and South Jakarta from 4 to 7 September 2023.

“Especially from September 4 to 7, the DKI Regional Government has implemented a policy for schools to conduct PJJ, which is a summit around Jakarta, Central Jakarta,” he said.

Of course, this policy aims to reduce congestion during the 43rd ASEAN Summit.

Even so, the Acting Governor of DKI Jakarta added that school children outside the Central Jakarta and South Jakarta areas continued to carry out teaching and learning activities as usual in their schools.

Not only that, but the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government will also implement a work from home (WFH) policy for as many as 75 percent of the State Civil Apparatus (ASN) in the Central and South Jakarta regions.

“This also includes implementing ‘work from home’ to 75 percent, especially in the Central Jakarta and South Jakarta environments,” he added.

Then for the private sector it can also adjust because Polda Metro Jaya also enforces the opening and closing of traffic routes during the implementation of the ASEAN Summit.

“In fact, there are some roads that will be completely closed in two hours, making it uncomfortable on September 5-7. “I asked them to arrange each one,” explained Heru.

Meanwhile, the Head of DKI Jakarta Transportation Agency, Syafrin Liputo, revealed that the roads which were crossed by state delegates at the ASEAN Summit would be closed for approximately two hours.

This traffic engineering was carried out when the delegates were moving to several places of their activities.

“For example, the delegation leaves at 7 am, then from 06:00 WIB to 08:30 WIB there will be road closures,” said Syafrin.

In order to maximize all preparations related to the implementation of the 43rd ASEAN Summit, a number of Task Forces from the ranks of the joint personnel security apparatus such as the TNI and Polri were formed.

The task force carried out security measures from 1 to 9 September 2023 in Jakarta.

TNI Commander Admiral Yudo Margono explained that all ranks of the Task Force had to start working from now on to anticipate various possible threats.

“All Security Task Forces must work from now on to anticipate various kinds of threats that may occur,” he explained.

“Because not only ASEAN countries are present, but international organizations, so it is necessary to anticipate threats from outside and from within,” said the TNI Commander.

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