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Erick Thohir Reliable Captain Candidate for PSSI


Jakarta – There are 5 (five) important pillars which are the keys to the progress of the All Indonesian Football Association (PSSI) and Indonesian football. All of this will not be able to be implemented if it is not supported by the election of the right PSSI Chairman.

The election for the PSSI General Chair has been scheduled to be included in the agenda for the Extraordinary Congress (KLB) which will be held by PSSI on February 16 2023. During the KLB event, there are at least five candidates for the PSSI General Chair who have officially entered the Permanent Candidate List (DCT). ).

It should be noted that the KLB agenda does not only determine the General Chairperson of PSSI for the 2023-2027 period, but there will also be an election for the Deputy Chairperson and the Executive Committee (Exco).

The Election Committee (KP) and the Election Appeal Committee (KBP) have officially released the DCT for each position. Regarding the general chairperson candidates themselves, there are already five people, then there are 16 people for general chairperson candidates, and 55 people competing for the position of Exco.

Of course, the names that have become DCTs are determined after going through various stages of screening from KP and KBP, starting from the registration of potential candidates on January 16, 2023, to the stages of verification and completeness of files, temporary announcements, file appeals to the determination of permanent candidates.

Regarding this matter, the Head of KP, Air Burhanudin explained that administratively all stages have been completed. Then afterwards, the names of the candidates that have been determined will compete for the votes of the voters consisting of clubs from League 1 to 3, then as many as 34 Provincial Associations (Asprov) delegates from the Futsal Federation, Referee Association, Coach Association to the Women’s Football Association.

Meanwhile, the football organization in the country, PSSI, is now planning to make major improvements from within because of various issues that have so far concerned their name, including the existence of the football mafia. In one of the discussions at a television station, the Technical Director of PSSI, Indra Sjafri explained that PSSI would only develop for the better if the five important pillars were able to continue to be developed and improved.

According to him, the five pillars are related to infrastructure, curriculum, trainer development (HR), player development, to competition. It cannot be denied that all this time, it seems as if the demands that continue to be made by society, including Indonesian football supporters, are only related to competition and how to win an event so as to score achievements.

In fact, according to the Technical Director of PSSI, it would not be possible to achieve maximum performance if it was not supported by good infrastructure. The reason is, infrastructure itself can be said to be one of the important fundamentals, apart from that, there must also be improvements in the curriculum, availability of coaches and player development.

In fact, Indra Sjafri explained that during his experience in handling Indonesian football, he has experienced a change in the leadership of the PSSI General Chair of up to five people, so far they have all been too focused on competition and achievement alone and have not really paid attention to technical issues at all.

For your information, there are five names that have been officially declared as candidates for general chairman of PSSI for the 2023-2027 period. As previously known, Erick Thohir is one of the names of the candidates who have officially become the candidate for the General Chair of PSSI in the upcoming 16 February KLB. The man who has served as BUMN Minister since 2019 has experience in the world of international football. One of them, Erick, once owned the Inter Milan football club and was called the “savior of Inter Milan”.

Based on this track record, Erick Thohir received support from various parties related to him as a candidate for the general chairman of PSSI. Erick Thohir is one of the five candidates for general chairman of PSSI for the 2023-2027 period besides the Chairperson of the RI DPD LaNyalla Mattalitti, Arif Wicaksono, Doni Setiabudi, and Fary Djemy Francis. Erick said he felt compelled to fix the messiness of Indonesian football so that it would be more advanced in the future. Erick also revealed that Indonesia needs guts to be able to compete with other countries, to fight and win on the international stage.

Erick Thohir is considered to be the right person to lead PSSI, because Erick Thohir can manage it in a bold, measured and directed manner. If the training of players and clubs can be managed properly, Indonesia will be able to speak a lot at the world level and even be able to compete in the World Cup. As is known, Erick Thohir once owned and was President of Inter Milan. At that time, Erick, who replaced Massimo Moratti, saved Inter Milan from a slump and received investment from Suning Holdings Group from China. Erick was also the majority shareholder in DC United, the United States League soccer club. Domestically, Erick has also held the 2015 President’s Cup to fill the void in the competition after PSSI received sanctions from FIFA.

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