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Executive Director Communicating Content Invites Communities to Succeed the ASEAN Summit


Jakarta – The ASEAN Summit which was held on 9-11 May 2023 received appreciation from many parties. One such response came from the Institute for Media and Content Diplomacy.

Executive Director of Content Communication, Hariqo Satria invites netizens to create various creative content on social media regarding the 2023 ASEAN Summit.

“ASEAN is the most peaceful region in the world. The existence of Indonesia as the largest country in the region determines the regional situation. The values ​​of brotherhood, harmony, culture, culinary and others can be content choices for netizens,” said Hariqo Satria

Hariqo added that Indonesian netizens are peace lovers as well as reliable communicators who are humorous. All of these advantages are the capital to convey to the public about Indonesia’s strategic role at the 2023 ASEAN Summit as the host of ASEAN countries’ conferences on social media, especially now that many applications make it easier for us to create content, both in Indonesian and foreign languages.

“By supporting and participating on social media around the 2023 ASEAN Summit, the national and global insights of netizens will be more solid, as well as being able to elevate the nation’s dignity on the international stage, especially in ASEAN,” said Hariqo Satria

Hariqo hopes that various elements of society will continue to support the government as Chair of ASEAN 2023 because there will be many benefits that will be achieved and will have an impact on society.

Previously, Economic Observer from the University of Jember, East Java Adhitya Wardhono PhD assessed that Indonesia’s chairmanship could strengthen economic integration between ASEAN countries. He also considered that this would be able to build optimism and increase the influence of Indonesia’s diplomacy.

“As one of the founding fathers and having a long history with ASEAN, Indonesia will certainly play a big role and be able to increase the economic relevance of ASEAN going forward,” he explained.

To note, the 42nd ASEAN Summit in 2023 was attended by VVIP guests consisting of heads of permanent ASEAN member countries, 1 head of a prospective ASEAN member country (Timor Leste), 1 Secretary General, 1 President of ADB.

Not only that, 300 delegates were also present including 1,000 supporting officials (committees) and the media.

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