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Job Creation Perppu Increases Indonesian Tourism


The Perppu on Job Creation , which was recently passed by the DPR on (21/3) into law, is believed to increase tourism in Indonesia. The reason is because thanks to the Investment Cluster it will increase the amount of investment in Indonesia, including investment in the tourism sector.

When the pandemic shook the world since early 2020, tourism entrepreneurs were also affected. The ban on outdoor activities and restrictions on visits from several other countries have made visits from foreign and local tourists even quieter. The government doesn’t want this situation to drag on, because of that the Job Creation Perppu was passed.

Government Regulation in Lieu of Law ( Perppu ) number 2 of 2022 has just been inaugurated by the DPR RI to become law . meeting pThe ratification of the Perppu Ciptaker was attended by 75 council members physically, and as many as 210 attended online. The remaining 95 were absent and had permission. So that the total meeting was attended by 380 board members.

Previously, Muhammad Baequni , a researcher from Gadjah Mada University, stated that the Job Creation Perppu could save MSMEs, especially those engaged in the tourism sector. In addition to obtaining funding from investors, there will be mentoring and teaching on modern management. The tourism sector will stretch and advance again.

However, continued Baequni , it is hoped that the Job Creation Perppu can clarify the extent to which investment is permitted. Don’t go too far until there are tourism places whose assets are controlled by foreign entrepreneurs. Though this is not allowed. They can invest but are not allowed to take land at will and violate regulations in Indonesia.

Tourism entrepreneurs are expected to cooperate with foreign investors and learn how to manage a modern travel business. For example, hotel facilities are child-friendly and there are special toilets for the disabled and the elderly . Apart from that, villa entrepreneurs can also offer their rooms through international travel sites , so their business is getting more and more visitors.

Tourism is one of the sectors saved by the Job Creation Perppu because there are rules that relax investment. Entrepreneurs from abroad can enter Indonesia and make mutually beneficial cooperation. The money will be used to improve the hotel, beautify its facilities, or create a new travel business.

The Job Creation Perppu can really be a savior for the tourism sector. Because during a vacuum of several months, his business almost lost money. If you want to open a hotel or recreation area again, you will need additional costs to clean and maintain it. Investments from foreign entrepreneurs are like water in the desert that saves them from bankruptcy.

The Perppu on Job Creation also states that investors not only provide disbursement of funds for capital, but are also required to transfer their knowledge. So tourism entrepreneurs will be smarter in managing their business on an international scale. They can know how to manage tourist attractions that are current and in accordance with health standards.

Meanwhile, Head of the Job Creation Law Task Force, Suahasil Nazara, said that the Job Creation Perppu encourages bureaucratic reform to support the development of the business world. He conveyed this in a socialization talk show activity on the Job Creation Perppu which was held in Bali on March 9, 2023.

The activity organized by the Task Force for the Acceleration of Socialization of the Job Creation Law aims to disseminate the Job Creation Perppu to MSME actors engaged in the tourism and creative economy sectors in Bali, as well as capture the aspirations of MSME players in the area.

On that occasion, Suahasil Nazara revealed that the Job Creation Perppu was able to make the business world operate better and absorb more workers. The Job Creation Perppu encourages improvement of the bureaucracy so that the business world develops, operates well and is better able to absorb labor.

In a sense, the Perppu Cipta Kerja was created to clarify the bureaucracy so that it is not too long and tiring. If this Perppu already exists , the licensing process in the tourism sector will be shortened and clarified. Tourism entrepreneurs will breathe a sigh of relief because their business is legal and can continue their business with enthusiasm.

Meanwhile, Secretary of the Job Creation Law Task Force Arif Budimanta said the government views MSMEs as having an equal position with businesses that are larger in scale. Because both of them create jobs and drive the economy.

The issuance of the Job Creation Perppu is evidence showing that the government also pays special attention to small business actors. For President Jokowi , MSMEs have the same degree as big business actors.

Perppu Cipta Kerja will improve the tourism sector in Indonesia. The reason is because this Perppu facilitates investment in the tourism sector and restores the tourism sector in this country, after nearly 3 years of being hit by the effects of the pandemic. The Job Creation Perppu also eases the bureaucracy so that tourism entrepreneurs and MSMEs can process permits smoothly.

)* The author is a Gelora Media Institute Contributor

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