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President Jokowi: PYCH is a Real Form of State Presence in Papua


Jayapura – President Jokowi has inaugurated the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building, Tuesday (21/3). The PYCH building is an icon for young Papuans to move forward with their creativity. Various fields can be developed at PYCH starting from the field of spirituality, SMEs, creative industries, education, cultural arts to health.

In his welcoming speech, President Jokowi expressed his pride that the wish of 23 young Papuans had been fulfilled. This is the first in Papua, and this is also expected to be built in East Nusa Tenggara, West Papua, Maluku and Aceh.

“I feel very proud because we can see the requests of 23 young Papuans together at PYCH Jayapura. I also asked that it be built in NTT, West Papua, Maluku and Aceh. The existence of PYCH is expected to provide prosperity and progress for the people in Papua,” said President Jokowi.

The President admitted that he was surprised because everything was in the PYCH Building, starting from making laptops, cell phones, podcast studios, photography studios and also exhibiting MSME products in the Land of Papua.

“I don’t think other young people in Indonesia can be left behind by young people in Papua,” said the President.

The President hopes that with the inauguration of the PYCH Building it can become a forum for young Papuans to emerge so that qualified and superior Papuan youths and women emerge in various fields. The construction of the PYCH building is a concrete manifestation of the state’s presence in Papua.

In the same place, the Head of the State Intelligence Agency (BIN), Budi Gunawan said that Papua has a special place in the president’s heart with special attention, including the development and development of human resources for the sons and daughters of Papua. Therefore they love the President even more.

“Papua has a special place in the President’s heart with special attention to development, including the development of Papuan human resources and the development of Papuan human resources. They love the President even more,” said Budi Gunawan.

The head of BIN also added that the inauguration of PYCH was President Jokowi’s commitment to building a talent center for young Papuans as a driving force for the economy and prosperity of Papua. He is also optimistic that the results of PYCH will be global with the development of human resources for Papuan youth.

“The inauguration of PYCH is a form of the president’s commitment to building a Papuan talent center as a driving force for the economy and prosperity of Papua. The results of PYCH can be global with the development of human resources for Papuan youths,” said Head of BIN Budi Gunawan.

Apart from that, concurrently with the advancement of the creativity of young Papuans using the PYCH facility, welfare must also increase, so that the creativity of young Papuans can be channeled in a balanced way so that it can automatically have positive implications through improving the economy.

As is known, PYCH is a facility initiated by Papuan youths in collaboration with BIN as a forum for developing young talents so they can be creative in advancing Papua and Indonesia. 

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