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Leadership in ASEAN in 2023 Shows Indonesia’s Strategic Role Is Counted


JAKARTA – For the fifth time in 2023, Indonesia holds the leadership baton for the ASEAN Summit with the theme “ASEAN Matters: Epicentrum of Growth”.

This theme has an important meaning that Indonesia will continue to encourage ASEAN to remain important and relevant to the world. It is hoped that ASEAN will continue to be the center of regional and global economic growth.

Policy Center Researcher – Iluni UI, Gerald Junius said Indonesia’s chairmanship at this year’s ASEAN Summit shows that Indonesia has a strategic role in the region.

Gerald also considered that Indonesia has an important role in terms of strengthening ASEAN institutions.

“Indonesia’s chairmanship in this year’s ASEAN Summit can be interpreted together that Indonesia’s strategic role is very much taken into account in the region, especially in terms of strengthening ASEAN institutions,” said Gerald,

Currently, the world is entering a situation filled with uncertainty, particularly in relation to the economic sector. So according to him, Indonesia’s success in facing various global challenges can be an example for many countries in ASEAN.

“Of course we know that in the midst of the current global uncertainty situation which is full of various conflicts, economic uncertainty, and many other uncertainties, Indonesia’s resilience in facing various global dynamics can be a role model for ASEAN countries,” he said.

“So we can see it from two sides, namely related to existence and trust. That there is concrete evidence that Indonesia is capable of dealing with a pandemic and global economic uncertainty. So that the world’s trust continues to increase for Indonesia,” he added.

Gerald invited all elements to remain optimistic and continue to support the holding of the 42nd ASEAN Summit in Labuan Bajo, NTT.

“Therefore, we are optimistic and hope that the implementation of the 2023 ASEAN SUMMIT Summit can run successfully and can encourage positive outcomes in coordinating the policy agenda for Indonesia’s national interests,” he concluded.

Meanwhile, Makara Insight Researcher Satya Aji Pratama, S.Kom said, what was held in Indonesia during 2023 related to the 2023 ASEAN Summit had a positive impact in the form of increasing the economy for Indonesia directly.

“From an economic standpoint, the entire series of events for the 2023 ASEAN Summit will provide direct benefits for Indonesia, especially in boosting economic growth,” he said.

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