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PPP Holds Rapimnas, Ready to Work Together and Promotes Vice Presidential Candidate from PPP


Sleman – The United Development Party (PPP) held a national leadership meeting at the residence of the Acting Chairman of PPP Muhammad Mardiono in
Sleman Yogyakarta, Tuesday 25 April 2023.

“Today there has been discussion about the political dynamics of both the presidential and vice presidential candidates in 2024, there has been a decision at the assembly level and we will finalize it tonight,” said Mardiono on the sidelines of the national assembly meeting.

Mardiono said that although today it was targeted that PPP had pocketed the names of the presidential and vice presidential candidates to be carried in 2024, the official announcement was only made on Wednesday April 26 2023. Along with the People’s Market agenda which was held at the courtyard of Mardiono’s residence in Sleman.

“Please be patient, wait for tonight’s decision, tomorrow (26 April) at the same time we will announce the new People’s Market agenda,” said Mardiono, who mentioned that there were several presidential and vice presidential candidates that had been discussed.

“But we still hope to nominate our own cadres (as presidential or vice presidential candidates),” he said.

The plan is that Sandiaga Uno will attend the People’s Market tomorrow. Sandiaga was lined up to open the event as Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf).

It is widely reported that Sandiaga will also be introduced as a new cadre of the party bearing the Kaaba symbol after he left the Gerindra Party at the People’s Market event.

When asked whether Sandiaga was listed on the stock exchange or applied to be a presidential or vice presidential candidate, Mardiono answered diplomatically.

“Not in the context of applying, Mr. Sandiaga was always present when we invited PPP activities, his relationship with political figures and parties at that time was because he was still in the Gerindra Party,” said Mardiono.

“We also heard that Pak Sandiaga submitted his resignation yesterday. If he truly believes he is sincere in joining PPP and wants to fight for the nation and the country, we welcome him, ahlan wahsalan with Sandiaga,” said Mardiono.

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