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PPP meeting in Yogyakarta discusses support for the 2024 presidential and vice presidential candidates


Yogyakarta – The United Development Party (PPP) held the V PPP National Leadership Meeting (Rapimnas) in Sleman, Yogyakarta on Tuesday (25/4/2023).

Plt. PPP chairperson Muhamad Mardiono said the agenda for the meeting ensured that the preparations for all PPP cadres to face the 2024 election contestation could run well, especially administratively and technically.

In addition, this meeting also discussed PPP’s political stance in dealing with various national political dynamics such as the issue of open/closed elections, postponement of elections, and the determination of Presidential Candidates and Vice Presidential Candidates.

He also emphasized that currently PPP is very open in contesting the 2024 Election, including in supporting the 2024 Presidential and Vice Presidential candidacy.

“With the dynamics of national politics which are currently running very dynamically, we must be ready to cooperate with internal and external parties for common goals for progress and mutual benefit,” he said.

Adding to this, the Secretary General of PPP, Arwani Thomafi revealed that one of the interesting national political dynamics at the moment is the presidential and cawapres candidates.

He said that apart from having to prepare legislative candidates from the DPR RI to DPRD levels, the PPP Party also had to prepare presidential and cawapres candidates.

“PPP, which is currently part of the United Indonesia Coalition, PPP must also take strategic steps so as not to lose momentum,” said Arwani.

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