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Realize Quality 2024 Election, Strengthen National Unity


By: Ahmad Dzul Ilmi Muis)*

Realizing the implementation of the elections in 2024 in a quality manner, it is very important to continue to strengthen national unity within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia, especially because there is indeed a contestation that has the potential to create divisions in society.

The sense of brotherhood among fellow Indonesian citizens or national brotherhood is something that can become an adhesive, especially in the midst of heated issues regarding the upcoming 2024 General Elections. With this political contestation, of course there will also be a number of potential frictions that might occur in society horizontally.

Therefore, with the potential for friction in a political contestation in the implementation of the 2024 Election, which is also currently underway, it is also very important to be able to foster awareness to continue to build healthy competition.

In this regard, Acting Chairperson of the Indonesian Ulema Council (Ketum MUI), KH Marsudi Syuhud stated that people in the country should be grateful because they are very lucky to live in this country. This is because the community is very lucky because all the competition regarding politics in Indonesia is now all on stage and has clear and firm rules.

With these clear rules and stages, of course the occurrence of competition in the world of politics in Indonesia has been framed by a set of strict regulations and there has also been a referee who will act fairly in carrying out and supervising the political contestation of the 2024 General Election (Election).

When all of these things have been provided, namely a clear stage until there are binding rules and are also supervised by referees who act fairly in supervising the running of the election, then the contestation will be able to occur in a healthy manner.

The importance of continuing to strive to create fair competition is also very important, because in every competition itself, usually there will always be a threat of division or conflict. Moreover, the Indonesian nation, which indeed consists of various tribes, languages, religions and other groups, indicates that the background of the people is very diverse.

Usually, when there are even a few spices of division, especially on very sensitive issues such as SARA (ethnicity, religion, race and inter-group), divisions become very likely to occur.

Even though there is indeed a potential and risk of division when a political contestation is carried out, in fact all of these negative impacts can be minimized with the spirit of national brotherhood.

Because, when the spirit of national unity has truly grown in the hearts and souls of the people in depth, solidarity will also grow, take root and be strong among fellow nation’s children. So that when later shaken or hit by various kinds of issues, the harmony between the people will not be easily shaken.

To be able to realize that elections are of very good quality, according to the General Secretary of PP Muhammadiyah, Prof. Abdul Mu’ti hopes that political contestation can be realized by holding elections that are safe and peaceful, and the implementation must also be carried out in a good way, so as to be able to minimize the emergence of various problems.

At least the problems will be handled properly or can be minimized when all processes of the General Election can be carried out properly, and uphold the principles of security and peace.

For example, it turns out that in an election implementation there are still a number of problems that arise, so efforts to solve them should be completed without breaking the unity of the nation in Indonesia. Because national unity itself is a fixed price in the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI).

When the situation in holding elections can be maintained to be conducive and of good quality, then later it will also affect the creators of healthy political contestation in the country. However, it is the duty of all components of the nation not to remain silent and act passively when continuing to desire the achievement of healthy political contestation.

In the same vein, the Chancellor of the Indonesian International Islamic University, Prof. Komaruddin Hidayat explained that there could be another threat or risk in the functioning of the democratic system, namely general elections. The risk is when, for example, unscrupulous politicians actually play with money just for the sake of gaining the votes they have.

Strengthening aspects of national unity is a very important thing to be continuously carried out and pursued by all elements of society in Indonesia. The reason is, with the strengthening of national unity, it will also minimize some of the fraud that occurs in the election stages, so that of course it is able to realize a very high quality general election process.

)* The author is an Alumni of FISIP Unair

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