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Supporting Firm Action Against KST to Protect the Community


Again, KST attacked officers who were on duty in Papua. The community fully supports measurable decisive action against KST. They have carried out too many attacks, even though the security forces were on duty to protect the people, but instead they were shot. KST must be eradicated so that Papua remains safe and peaceful.

KST is a common enemy, not only for the people of Papua but also for all Indonesian citizens. The reason is because they are trying to defect and destroy the unity of Indonesia. They also have the heart to attack the security forces who are on standby to protect the security of the Papuan people. Therefore, the community is obliged to support the security forces in arresting KST members.

KST must be strictly punished for attacking soldiers for two consecutive days. Kapendam XVII/Cenderawasih Colonel Kav Herman Taryaman said the first attack took place on Sunday 23 April 2023. With long-barreled firearms, they attempted to attack the TNI Yonif 305/Tkr.

The KST group used 2 long-barreled firearms trying to attack members of the TNI Yonif 305/Tkr while they were in Sambili Village heading to Kusage Village, Intan Jaya Regency. At that time the soldiers tried to take decisive action to make KST escape. Apart from that, there had been commotion between armed groups in Papua and residents.

There was commotion between the KST gang and the village community, because the community expelled and tried to fight against the KST gang which had used the community as a shield and often threatened the community

The attack took place again on Monday 24 March 2023. At that time KST shot Mobile Brigade in Kampung Bilogai, Intan Jaya Regency. As a result, Yonif 305/Tkr Task Force soldiers around the Intan Jaya area are on alert in anticipation of further attacks.

The community was outraged by the KST attack on the security forces. The existence of the apparatus in Papua is to prevent chaos and to be a friend of the people. However, KST even went around attacking the security forces with illegal weapons. They support decisive, measured action against the separatist group so that there are no further attacks.

The security forces are always on standby in Papua, not to ‘turn’ it into a military operation area, but to maintain the security of the people on Cendrawasih Land. In addition to the officers who are usually on duty, they are greatly assisted by the Carstensz Peace Task Force which is specifically deployed to hunt down KST members. The members of the Task Force are the best sons of the nation who are willing to go to the forest to defend their country.

The community realizes that KST’s arrests are aimed at security, because they also disrupt development projects in Papua, such as the Trans Papua road. A number of officers were deployed to guard so that workers felt safe and KST did not dare to act. For the sake of the success of Papua’s development, KST must be arrested and dealt with firmly.

Meanwhile, the chairman of the West Papua Provincial DPR Orgenes Wonggor stated that the West Papua Provincial DPR supports the apparatus (TNI-Polri) pursuing and arresting the perpetrators to be held accountable for their actions before the law.

Orgenes Wonggor stated that indigenous Papuans in remote areas really miss the touch of development. The people of West Papua completely need development within the framework of the Republic of Indonesia. There is no place in West Papua for groups with different ideological views like KST.

In a sense, both the people and the people’s representatives disagree about the existence of KST. They fully support firm action against KST so that Papua remains safe without any attacks. Don’t let Papuans be scared because of the actions of KST, who are determined to shoot civilians and security forces.

When there is an operation to arrest KST members, the community supports 100%. They don’t mind it, because even though KST is both Papuan, his behavior has harmed civilians in Cendrawasih Land. They also damage public facilities and make people afraid and feel uncomfortable when doing activities outside the home.

The community also supports when the apparatus takes firm, measurable action against members of the KST. The reason is, they are already on the wanted list, so it is only natural that bullet vomit is launched. Not only to immobilize the legs but also other parts.

Moreover, measurable decisive action has also been allowed by the President. With a note that it must be in accordance with human rights, and TNI soldiers must understand it. They must obey the President’s orders and continue to help the community in efforts to eradicate KST.

Measurable decisive action is permitted because so far KST has repeatedly disturbed the community, and they were traumatized when members of the separatist group passed by. Because usually the KST forces them to fly the Morning Star flag, scare them with sharp weapons, and suspect civilians.

The eradication of KST by the security forces is fully supported by the Papuan people. They allowed measurable decisive action against the separatist group because KST is very dangerous. KST must be destroyed so that there are no more attacks, both on civilians and security forces.

)* The author is a Papuan student living in Yogyakarta

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