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The Job Creation Law Facilitates Business and Small Business Permits (UMKM), As well as Absorbs New Workers


Jakarta – The Job Creation Law (UU) provides new optimism in terms of employment and future economic growth. The job creation law provides a number of licensing facilities for the micro, small and medium enterprise (UMKM) sector. This means that there will be more massive absorption of labor in the informal sector.

The job creation law is full of ease of business licensing, thus creating opportunities for the emergence and growth of the number and various fields of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises known as UMKM. The procedures and bureaucratic flow of setting up a business sector is very, very simple. This will have a positive impact on opening new jobs to support UMKM business growth.

“Local labor will be absorbed more in the informal sector than the formal sector. That is, UMKM businesses that are made in this law, simplify licensing and all processes. So, many people and millennials can open UMKM scale businesses,” said Postgraduate Lecturer from Pelita Harapan University (UPH) Emrus Sihombing

The Job Creation Law is a strategic step by the Government and the DPR to facilitate business licensing and help improve the people’s economy. The Job Creation Law will greatly benefit MSME actors. Business development is given a bigger stage so that the future Indonesian economy will be better.

“With the Job Creation Law, the business climate in the country is in favor of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (UMKM). Micro Enterprises are able to develop into Small Businesses. Meanwhile, Small Businesses move to become Medium Enterprises which in turn, Medium Enterprises advance to become Big Businesses. This will be a kind of positive domino effect for the wheels of the Indonesian economy.

For this reason, if there are parties holding demonstrations against the Job Creation Law. So similar demonstrations are also needed containing aspirations related to support for the Job Creation Law. Because the content of the Job Creation Law is oriented towards the welfare of the Indonesian people in general. Even the implementation of the Job Creation Law can have an impact on Indonesia experiencing a shortage of workers, including triggering some groups of young Indonesians to turn into business owners/entrepreneurs.

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