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The public is urged to be more vigilant about the spread of hoax news ahead of the 2024 elections


The public is advised to be more vigilant regarding the spread of hoax news that is widely circulating in cyberspace and social media, especially ahead of the 2024 election.

Regional Secretary of Jepara Regency, Edy Sujatmiko appealed to the public not to be easily influenced, let alone spreading hoax news related to the holding of the 2024 Election.

According to him, when people are able not to be easily consumed by hoaxes, they will be able to create a conducive situation ahead of the democratic party.

He even added that all parties must be able to anticipate hoaxes, including paying more attention to a number of things carefully and carefully so as not to cause polemics.

The reason is, there is a dispute regarding the election process, Edy gave an example, such as when there are people who have died but are still on the voter list, this could potentially become material for making hoaxes.

“This could be material for making hoaxes, which can even cause anger,” he said.

Meanwhile, the Malang Police are also trying to take a number of steps to anticipate the spread of hoaxes.

Head of the Public Relations Section of the Malang Police, IPTU Ahmad Taufik stated that his party continues to invite the public to be wiser in using social media.

Many appeals were made, one of which was directly from Kamtibmas or also through flyers distributed on social media.

“Or through flyers distributed on social media,” he said.

Furthermore, IPTU Ahmad Taufik gave one of the tips so that the public can avoid hoax news.

This method is to ensure that the photos included are indeed original and recent photos.

The reason is, there are indeed many cases where fake news spreaders use certain photos or images that have been edited to provoke their audience.

IPTU Taufik then stated that the public could use sites that provide search services to check the authenticity of photos, such as using the Google Images service.

By using Google Images, people will be able to compare the photos they get from social media and similar images to check.

“Search results will present similar images found on the internet so they can be compared,” he added.

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