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Youth Figures: PYCH Shows Government’s Commitment to Supporting Papuan Youths are Increasingly Brilliant


Papua – A Papuan youth leader, as well as the Inspiring Young Papua Coordinator (PMI) for West Papua Province, Simon Tabuni enthusiastically welcomed President Jokowi’s plan to inaugurate the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building which was initiated by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

In this regard, he considers PYCH as concrete evidence of the government’s commitment to supporting Papuan youth.

“PYCH is a concrete example of government support for Papuan youth to develop their potential and talents in the creative industry. I really appreciate this initiative and hope to provide opportunities for young Papuans to develop their talents and potential,” said Simon.

Apart from that, Simon also stressed the importance of developing education and training infrastructure in Papua to improve the quality and competitiveness of Papuan youth.

According to him, quality education and training will open up new opportunities for Papuan youths to achieve achievements and make positive contributions to society.

“The government must continue to strengthen support for the development of education and training infrastructure in Papua. This will open up new opportunities for young Papuans to develop their talents and potential, as well as make a positive contribution to the development of Papua and Indonesia as a whole,” concluded Simon.

Simon Tabuni himself is a successful example of young Papuans who have made achievements and made positive contributions to society.

He is a young entrepreneur who runs an online vegetable food selling business called Anggi Mart in Amban Manokwari Village.

The efforts of Simon and his friends have not only increased the marketing of local farmers’ products, but also helped increase employment opportunities for motorcycle taxi delivery services in Manokwari.

With government support and initiatives such as PYCH, it is hoped that more and more young Papuans will be able to develop their talents and potential and become inspirational youth for future generations.

For information, PYCH is a creativity center dedicated to creative industry players in Papua. This facility is equipped with various facilities such as dormitory buildings, rooms for MSME products, training, meetings, function rooms, co-working spaces, technology learning to libraries, and various other facilities needed to support creative industry activities.

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