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Religious Leaders: PYCH Building. God’s Blessings Unite Papuan Youth to Build Bumi Cendrawasih


Jayapura – Papuan religious figure Pastor Richard Paay said the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) building is a God-given blessing to unite Papuan youths in building a developed Cendrawasih Earth.

“Religious events at PYCH are very good and have important meaning as a manifestation of increasing and strengthening faith in the community, as well as thanks to God who continues to unite the hearts of young people in developing Papua,” said Pastor Richard

Pastor Richard also appreciated the construction of the PYCH Building as a means to build the spirituality of Papuan youths as was the case when the Inspiring Young Papua (PMI) collaborated with the Worship Everywhere community by holding religious activities and spiritual concerts at the Papua Youth Creative Hub (PYCH) Building, Jayapura, Papua.

The same thing was said by PMI management, Kevin Baldwin Aburyaan, according to him religious activities and spiritual concerts held at PYCH are important and as one of the efforts to keep Papuan youth together and help improve the spirituality of Papuan people, including young people.

“We are holding the Jayapura Worship Festival Victory Night at PYCH, the hope is that all wishes can be fulfilled and problems are resolved with God’s help. Never stop hoping and praying to God, because everything comes from God and young Papuans can be a blessing to the people of Papua,” said Kevin.

The Jayapura Worship Festival Victory Night activity is also an effort to introduce the PYCH Building in which there are various facilities for the self-development of young Papuans so that there is a place for religious events.

On the other hand, this event is part of a series leading up to the inauguration of the PYCH building by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) which is planned to be inaugurated on March 21, 2023.

The PYCH building, which was built magnificently and has a traditional feel, will later be used and utilized by PMI in carrying out its work program. PMI will later collaborate, develop themselves and continue to be the motor for the development of young human resources in the Land of Papua.

The PYCH building has a main building consisting of two floors, and two dormitory buildings. In this building there are rooms for MSME products, cafeterias, training rooms, marketing rooms, podcast rooms, photography rooms, function rooms to rooms that can be used for co-working spaces,

There is also a tribune-shaped room with a capacity of hundreds of people. This room can be used for performances, religious and other facilities.

For information, PMI is an organization fostered by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) whose mission is to bring new enthusiasm to young people in the Land of Papua. Through PMI, it is hoped that the young generation of Papua can implement their potential and creative ideas in order to participate in accelerating the welfare of the people on Cendrawasih Earth.

In this regard, PMI management Kevin Baldwin Aburyaan expressed his gratitude to President Jokowi and Head of BIN General Pol (Purn) Prof. Budi Gunawan for all the support given to the Papuan people, especially the Papuan youth.

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