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Beware of the Spike in Covid-19 Cases After Eid


By: Alfisyah Dianasari ) *

The corona virus is increasingly worrying because it has multiple mutations, so that it quickly spreads and infects humans. On the other hand, many people are desperate to go home, even though the Government has done everything in its power to prohibit residents from returning to their hometowns during Eid because it is feared that it will increase a spike in new Covid-19 cases.

Long holidays and the momentum of Eid are often used by some people to go home to their hometowns. However , this trend has great potential to increase Covid-19 cases as has happened before.

Blockages to prevent homecomers are quite effective in preventing people from outside the area from returning to their hometowns. However, the fact is that many people force homecoming and escape the blocking posts.

This is at risk of having people exposed to Covid-19 on their way back from their hometowns. On the other hand, the momentum of the Eid Al-Fitr moment is also often used to stay in touch with relatives and neighbors. If you are not disciplined in implementing health protocols, the risk of being exposed to Covid-19 will also be high.

Chairman of the Indonesian Doctors Association ( IDI ) Doctor Mitigation Team ( IDI ), Adib Khumaidi, said that all health service facilities as well as doctors and health workers should provide ventilators, medicines, personal protective equipment (PPE) and beds in the next 1-2 months .

This concern is quite reasonable because in addition to high population mobility, people are also vulnerable to being exposed to a new variant, namely the double mutation corona . This mutated virus was found in India and was formed because the people did not maintain health protocols. They were desperate to carry out rituals in the Ganges River, overcrowded and without masks, so that the spread of corona went crazy. In fact, it is reported that hundreds of people die immediately per day.

The mutation of the Covid-19 virus is indeed dangerous because it is a double mutation, in the sense that it is 2 times spread and transmitted. Sadly, this virus has entered Indonesia and there are 2 people in South Tangerang who are infected. We certainly don’t want to be infected, so we have to strictly follow the health protocol.

According to doctor Devia Putri, the health protocol was added, not 3M but 5M. The five are: washing hands, wearing masks, maintaining a minimum distance of 2 meters, avoiding crowds, and reducing mobility. We are obliged to do all 5M and must not forget one of them, to be safe from the double mutation corona attack .

Why is the health protocol added 2 points to make 5M? The reason is because there are still many who ignore 3M, let alone 5M. If they already wear masks, they think everything will be safe, then walk freely and enter the market. Even though the visitors were piled up so they could not keep their distance.

Avoiding crowds is very important because according to WHO research, the Covid-19 virus can spread in tight, dirty and stuffy places. When there are hordes of people, the air automatically becomes congested, making it very prone to become a place for the spread of corona . Therefore, a protocol for avoiding crowds was created, in order to improve the protocol for maintaining distance.

The crowd is indeed vulnerable and we should not create a new cluster by recklessly holding events that invite many people , including halal bi halal events . During a pandemic, everyone must be self-aware because the threat can increase if we ignore it.

Apart from preventing crowds, also avoid excessive mobility. If you are forced to travel, then quarantine is appropriate . The goal is to protect your wife and children from contracting the corona when you drive, and not to let them contract the double mutated virus.

The 5M health protocol is made so that people are safe from corona transmission . Don’t ignore the fact that the pandemic is still happening right now. Moreover, there is a covid-19 virus resulting from multiple mutations and has entered Indonesia. We must increase awareness, comply with health protocols, maintain hygiene and immunity.

) * The author is a citizen living in Depok

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