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Warganet Supports Government Efforts to Handle Covid-19


By: Putu Prawira ) *

The government is trying hard to make the pandemic end quickly, by declaring the mandatory implementation of health protocols, creating a micro PPKM program, and national vaccinations. All of this is also fully supported by netizens . Because they are helping to become mouthpieces for the government and working together so that the Covid pandemic will end soon.

At the start of the pandemic, the whole world was gripped with fear. The Indonesian government is trying to remain calm and firmly rejects the proposed total lockdown , because it will have a lot of influence on the national economic sector. As a substitute, there is a PSBB to reduce community movement.

Various other programs have also been launched by the government so that the corona does not spread and cause mass deaths in Indonesia. First, there are restrictions on mobility, previously known as PSBB and now the term has been changed to PPKM micro. Because if there is a movement of the community, it will increase the number of corona patients .

In addition, all people must also be vaccinated against corona . Vaccines are mandatory, because if everyone is injected with the vaccine, it will form herd immunity and make us immediately free from pandemic status. The government’s most frequent efforts include implementing the 5M health protocol, wearing masks, washing hands, maintaining distance, avoiding crowds and reducing mobility.

All citizens support all of these programs because they realize that everything is made for the benefit of the community itself, not just the good name of the government. All of this is for the health of Indonesian citizens, because we certainly don’t want to get corona , right?

Netizens can take advantage of social media such as Facebook and Instagram to create positive status and content regarding government programs to deal with corona . For example, by uploading twibbon about vaccinations, so that followers will join and pro vaccination. They are so sure of their safety, because they have received testimonials.

Why is there a need for testimonials from other people? Because corona is considered a terrible disease, it is feared that the vaccine is like a hard drug. Even though as ordered by President Jokowi, this corona vaccination is the same as ordinary immunization. In a sense, we are used to it, so deal with it in a natural way.

In addition, warganet can also Men- share articles on health protocol conditions, which exist in various media online . If in the past the health protocol was sufficient with 3M, now it’s added to 5M. This is something new that the public needs to know. So they can know that they have to avoid crowds and reduce mobility, to be safe from corona .

The more people share positive news about handling corona , the more they are aware of the dangers. Due to the fact, many have been negligent and have started taking off their masks and think the pandemic is over. If they read the news of the share , they will remember that the corona is still there, then wear masks and comply with other health protocols.

Netizens are asked not to spread hoaxes about corona and its vaccines , because it will hinder the performance of the government and the covid-19 task force team in handling the pandemic. If there is horrendous news, don’t believe it immediately and then just share it. But first check on the Ministry of Information website .

Netizen’s thumb influence is very strong because they are the most social media users in the world. The resulting virility , please use it for something positive. Do not even use it arbitrarily to share news that is not clear.

Citizens are expected to work with the government to support efforts to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic. You do this with positive narrative and content uploaded on social media. Don’t even get busy spreading pictures and hoax news about corona . Use the internet wisely and always support government programs.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Student

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