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BIN’s Door to Door Vaccination Appreciated, Observers Ask for Expanded Spectrum Coverage


JAKARTA, CIDISS.CO – Executive Director of the Indonesian Public Institute (IPI) Karyono Wibowo appreciates the steps taken by the intelligence agency (Badan Intelijen Negara) which took part as a pioneer in making a breakthrough for door to door vaccination. This effort is the right step in establishing herd immunity.

“The BIN door-to-door vaccine, which was then followed by the TNI/Polri and all levels of society on the direct instructions of President Jokowi, is the right step. In the midst of such conditions, progressive and appropriate steps are urgently needed,” Karyono said in a live talk show on Radio Muara Jakarta, Friday. (17/9/2021).

Therefore, Karyono added, the target spectrum must be expanded not only in 14 provinces, because the impact of this vaccination is significant.

“This good program must be improved, BIN must also encourage with other agencies to be aware of new variants,” he said.

Karyono also gave advice to the agency headed by General (Pol) Budi Gunawan to better anticipate the entry of new variants so that the vaccines that have been given are not wasted.

Then, the second is to solve the problem of fake news or hoaxes in the community.

“Not only BIN, all levels of society work together to overcome the pandemic according to their capacity,” he explained.

Meanwhile, Public Policy Observer, Saeful added that all efforts to break the chain of transmission of Covid-19 had been carried out by the Government, including the Covid-19 vaccination program.

Considering the need in the field to accelerate herd immunity as a whole in Indonesia.

So the door to door Vaccination Program which was initiated and initiated by BIN is the right step and is a popular policy.

“Because the Covid-19 pandemic can also be interpreted as a threat to human security. If the threat of this pandemic continues to increase, then at any time it will threaten economic stability and health stability and lead to national stability,” said Saiful.

Saiful said that the reason for door-to-door vaccination is a strategic step because it is to break the chain of transmission of the COVID-19 pandemic. And is a threat to human security both in terms of economic health and national stability and in accordance with the State Intelligence Law no. 17 of 2011 concerning prevention, deterrence and countermeasures.

“So the door-to-door vaccine program is very important. Given the current potential threat, it is not in the form of separatism and radicalism and others,” he said.

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