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Collaborating with the Role of Students, IKN Can Create a New Civilization


By: Galang Faizan Akbar)*

The government is trying to continue to hold the role of youth and students in all processes of the development of the Indonesian Capital City (IKN). Many people believe that this will be able to create a new breakthrough for the sake of changing a new civilization that is much more advanced.

It is important to understand that the actual IKN development initiated by President Joko Widodo in East Kalimantan is actually not just to build a city and seems to replace the position of the old capital city in DKI Jakarta.

However, it is far more important than that, because according to the Deputy for the Environment, Natural Resources, IKN Nusantara Authority, Myrna Safitri, this development is the development of a new civilization. Of course, in a new civilization, it is undeniable how important the role of education is.

In fact, it is also well understood and realized by all IKN Authorities that development is indeed very important to be supported by strong scientific and technological advances that accompany it. Because if the development is carried out in moderation, then it is the same thing that the development is completely meaningless.

Therefore, the Nusantara IKN Authority continues to strive to be able to cooperate with all elements of society, including the University and students in order to provide support and assistance to further develop IKN development in East Kalimantan which is being initiated.

According to Myrna, the involvement of students is unavoidable and in fact will be very important because it helps a lot, especially in this era of digital technology. Paradigms and concepts of development actually can no longer if you continue to marginalize the youth or students to be able to take part in it.

For him, students have a very strategic role because in all preparations and processes of IKN development, they will definitely need a lot of input or opinions from all elements of society, while students themselves are able to act as mouthpieces for the community and also the government.

Students who represent the youth but still have the capital of academic thought will definitely play a very important role in the smooth running of all IKN development processes. All the energy and resources of these students, including their expertise in compiling important concepts to become a solid and intact concept so that it is ready to be executed.

The government is also very aware that the succession of IKN development is to be able to realize sustainable development and equitable distribution of all infrastructure in Indonesia, thus eliminating social inequality in society will not be possible if it is only borne by a few parties, even if it is only borne by the state.

For this reason, the importance of synergy and increasing consolidation, because later the management and management of everything needed by the state will become much more systematic. This synergy cannot be well established at all if the role of students has not been fully maximized with all their potential.

Myrna also emphasized that young people from the local community, or East Kalimantan students themselves need not worry at all, for example, they will be excluded because there will definitely be an extraordinary migration to East Kalimantan from all corners of Indonesia.

Because the government needs to be able to build IKN is very large so it really requires a lot of manpower. Therefore, the support from the students will be very crucial. In fact, according to Myrna, the most important thing that must be developed by these students is how they build a work culture.

Not without reason, because a work culture is the most important point to be able to assess the criteria or character of a person, because it is related to work mentality. Because in truth, if it is still a matter of mere ability, it can still be developed through various kinds of training. However, the work culture is different.

This improvement in work culture has also become something that really deserves to be developed, especially for young people and also students, so that they are able to work faster, smarter, more focused and also able to do work in a team. Because building IKN absolutely cannot be done with just one person, but must be done by working in a team. When all students or youth can do it, then it is not impossible that he will also be able to create a change for a new civilization that is far more advanced.

)* The author is a contributor to Persada Institute

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