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DPR RI Appreciates BIN’s Performance to Succeed Indonesia’s G20 Presidency


By: Mika Putri Larasati )*

The House of Representatives (DPR RI) gives a very high appreciation for the performance that has been carried out by the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) in maintaining security to the conduciveness of the Bali region, all of which are for the success of the big agenda of holding the G20 Presidency of Indonesia.

There have been many series of activities regarding the G20 Summit carried out in Indonesia as the host and leader. Even from March to September, the G20 side events have been held in several locations in the country, including in Yogyakarta with a lot of discussions raised such as topics on health, education, renewable energy, digital economy to climate change.

After the series of side events that occurred in many regions in Indonesia, the summit of the G20 forum in the country will be held in mid-November, which will be from 15 to 16 in Bali. It also requires a lot of preparation to ensure the success of the event.

One of the most important aspects to be maintained and paid attention to is the security aspect during the G20, before and after. Many parties continue to strive to maintain security and conduciveness in the areas of Bali, especially the venue for the trial later.

Related to this, Commission I of the Indonesian House of Representatives expressed a great appreciation for how prepared the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) has been for being able to carry out their functions and roles in terms of intelligence to be able to continue to oversee the sustainability of the world agenda.

There are several indicators seen by the Indonesian House of Representatives to finally decide to give a high appreciation of BIN’s performance in order to fully support the succession of the G20 Presidency of Indonesia. One of them is about maintaining and optimizing consistently regarding the conduciveness of security, including health, which is very important at every G20 event in Indonesia. Not only that, the hospitality of the entire committee was also a positive thing that influenced the assessment so that the delegates from the G20 countries also saw that Indonesia was a very safe and comfortable country.

When this assessment has been expressed by world leaders, Indonesia’s position will be increasingly noticed by the whole world, including not being considered a poor country at all. It is even able to guarantee the confidence of investors to continue to invest in the country.

Not surprisingly, this is a very important thing to do and continue to be developed. Even to be able to achieve the acceleration of national economic recovery, good collaboration is needed from all elements of society without exception.

The potential, risks and threats in the form of attacks in any form that may be able to damage and disrupt the continuity of the G20 Summit must be eliminated, even anticipated before these things actually happen. Therefore, the Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa considered that the possibility of cyber attacks would be a threat that could even be said to be the greatest on the G20 agenda.

General Andika admitted that so far, cyberattacks have been a very focused concern for the security forces. Even for other threats, according to him, it is still less significant when compared to the threat of cyber attacks. It is impossible to only mobilize personnel, even the TNI Commander admitted that he has also established and continues to increase cooperation with the State Intelligence Agency (BIN).

According to him, with good cooperation between certain parties regarding security safeguards in the context of organizing the G20 Summit, this will be very useful while increasing the percentage of success in ensuring security and comfort until the success of the international scale event held in Bali.

Not only collaborating with BIN, the National Cyber ​​and Crypto Agency (BSSN) to the National Police also participate in maintaining Indonesia’s security, especially from the threat of cyber attacks so that the implementation of the G20 becomes safe and comfortable. According to General Andika, the joint party has also carried out simulations in dealing with many cyber disturbances, thus making all personnel more mature in dealing with them.

On another occasion, the spokesperson for BIN, Wawan Hari Purwanto, explained that there are at least 5 areas in Bali that will continue to be priority points of security, especially during the G20 Summit. The five areas are Seminyak, Jimbaran, North Nusa Dua, South Nusa Dua and Sanur. The reason is that a lot of delegates from G20 countries are in that location. In fact, he also ensured that strict guarding and security were carried out at all entrances and exits to the Province of Bali during the implementation of the G20 Presidency.

In order to fully support the smooth and successful implementation of the G20 Summit in Bali, the State Intelligence Agency (BIN) itself has indeed made a lot of efforts, including collaborating with other parties so that they can cooperate with each other. The efforts and what has so far been carried out by BIN have even been given very high appreciation by the DPR RI because indeed the implementation of the G20 must be jointly successful.

)* The author is a contributor to the Nusantara Reading Room

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