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Fight Hoaxes and Succeed in the Corona Vaccination Program


By: Aldia Putra) *

Vaccination is an important key in fighting the pandemic, so that we can carry out normal activities. However, this all-important program could fail because of the corona hoax in cyberspace. People hope that they don’t just believe in this fake news, because if they don’t get vaccinated, they can catch the Covid-19 virus and potentially lose their lives.

It doesn’t feel like we have been trapped in a pandemic for almost a year. Within months, we have been forced to adapt , by wearing masks when going out. Also maintain distance, improve body immunity, and be diligent in washing hands. Everyone does not want to get corona, because if they are sick, they will feel short of breath, dizzy, and weak.

To cope with the pandemic, a national vaccination has been held in Indonesia since January 2021. Every Indonesian citizen must be injected with the covid vaccine, so that they do not contract the corona. So that a herd immunity will be formed, namely group immunity, and ending the pandemic period. Because no one is considered a corona patient anymore.

But unfortunately, national vaccinations can fail, due to hoaxes on social media. The number of hoaxes is very frustrating, because they can ‘wash’ people’s minds. So they don’t want to be vaccinated, for fear of bad effects after being injected. These fake news and pictures were deliberately made by irresponsible people to disrupt government programs.

One of the Sinovac vaccine hoaxes circulating in cyberspace is that this vaccine is haram, because it contains pig gelatin and African green monkey cells. Even though the truth is, these cells are used to test the effectiveness of vaccines. Only as a medium, not a raw material. Meanwhile, the Sinovac vaccine has MUI halal status, so it is safe to use for Muslims.

Another hoax about the covid-19 vaccine is that the vaccine is prohibited from being injected because it contains chips, which will change human DNA. Whereas vaccines are made of liquid, while chips are solid objects. So that it is impossible to enter the human body, when the injection is done . After all, the process of changing DNA is very complicated, and cannot be done by injection alone.

Hoaxes like this are very misleading because they can make people afraid of being vaccinated. A number of residents in NTT fled because they did not want the injection. It could be that they are already consumed by hoaxes. As good Indonesian citizens, it is our duty to eradicate hoaxes and campaign for vaccines in Indonesia.

To ward off hoaxes, we can educate netizens, by explaining that vaccines are lawful, and quoting the words of the MUI Kiai. You do this by writing it on Facebook status or with pictures on Instagram. So they don’t believe the hoax that the corona vaccine is haram.

In addition, we can also spread the good news of vaccination to the theme of friends and relatives in the WA group. For example, the current condition of President Jokowi, who has been vaccinated twice, and is now in good health. Also the Vice President KH Ma’ruf Amin who is already in the elderly category but can be vaccinated, and after being injected there is no side effect on him.

Education to straighten out hoaxes is very necessary, so that no one gets trapped and doesn’t want to be injected. In fact, spread it and make other people lose. When a friend shares hoax news about the corona vaccine, warn them carefully and explain that what he spreads is fake news. So that it can make other people’s perceptions wrong and thwart national vaccination.

We must make the national vaccination program a success so that the pandemic ends quickly. In order for vaccination to be 100 percent successful, hoaxes must be completely cleared. Because there are already many hoax victims who don’t want to be vaccinated, just because they read unclear news from the fake news. The public needs to be educated to find news about the true corona, not trapped in hoaxes .

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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