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Health Protocols Protect Citizens from the New Variant of Covid-19


By: Made Raditya )*

The pandemic is increasingly worrying because the COVID-19 virus mutates into several new variants. Like the covid B117 virus and the Indian corona. The ferocity of a mutated virus is more dangerous, and we must be more vigilant. Health protocols must be strictly maintained in order to be protected from all kinds of covid virus.

It seems that everyone is getting tired because of the prolonged pandemic. As a result, some of them are negligent in carrying out health protocols, or may think that the corona is invisible. So they start doing their normal activities and forget to maintain immunity and discipline in carrying out the protocol.

Even though the corona is still there even though the virus is not visible to the naked eye. Even the Covid-19 virus has mutated into several variants. Among them are type B117 found in the UK and type B1617 found in India. Virus mutations are claimed to be more dangerous because of their double strength, so they can attack body organs more quickly and viciously.

To avoid transmission of corona from any type of virus, we must obey health protocols. Do not take off the mask on the grounds that it hinders the beauty of the face. Even though masks are the most important protection because they can stop the rate of droplets that carry the corona disease. We never know who is OTG status when we come into contact with many people.

The latest health protocol is 5M, not just 3M. The first M of course wears a mask, and must comply with WHO standards. Don’t use the scuba or buff type, because it’s not effective at holding droplets. Wearing it must also be in the correct position, should not sag beyond the nose and mouth.

While the second M is washing hands, and it can be replaced by using hand sanitizer. It’s even better if we get home and immediately take a shower, shampoo, and change clothes. The clothes and masks that were worn were immediately washed with hot water to make them sterile.

The third M is what many people often complain about, namely keeping their distance. The reason is that Indonesian people are used to living socially and it is rather difficult not to shake hands and sipika-cipiki. However, they must be reminded that corona can be transmitted when in contact with OTG even if they only touch their hands and chat for a while.

The two additional M types in the health protocol are reduced mobility and crowd avoidance. Reduce the frequency of leaving the house except for going to work and school. Shopping for vegetables and groceries can be done online, and it is very easy because almost all daily needs are available in the marketplace or application.

Replacing shopping at the market with online shopping is one way to avoid crowds. Because we don’t know what percentage of people there are not wearing masks. Meanwhile, according to doctor Reisa Broto Asmoro, the effectiveness of using masks only occurs when at least people in a place wear them correctly.

If you can’t work from home because energy and thought are needed in the office, then you can be tricked by doing work in an open space. Try lobbying your boss to have work done in a large backyard, so employees can keep their distance. Because working in a closed room is also dangerous, besides being difficult to keep your distance, there is also air conditioning. Even though stuffy and air-conditioned air can be a means of transmitting the corona virus.

There is much we can do to protect ourselves from the viciousness of the new variant of the COVID-19 virus. Never forget to wear a mask and maintain other health protocols. We must be disciplined in implementing it and not just memorize it. In addition, take care of your immunity and body hygiene, so you don’t get infected with corona easily.

)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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