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Infrastructure Development is Beneficial to the People


By: Putu Prawira) *
Various infrastructures, from dams to toll roads built by the government, make people happy. Because their water needs are fulfilled and their mobility is smoothed. This infrastructure does require a lot of funds for its construction costs, but it is very worth it when viewed from the benefits.
The conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic have not stopped infrastructure development in Indonesia. In fact, the government is intensifying development, as an element of the national economic recovery program. If the pandemic is over, various infrastructures will be completed and ready for use by the community, and will be able to improve their financial condition. because of its made mobility.
The infrastructure development that is being intensified is toll roads. In 2020, the Trans Java, Trans Sumatra, Sulawesi and Kalimantan toll roads were inaugurated. Also the Bogor ring road toll road, Serpong-Pamulang, etc. The Trans Java toll road is the most popular, because the route is very long and makes it easy for people to travel, so they can go home more quickly.
When people have fast mobility, it will save travel time, fuel and energy. So they can profit because they don’t have to get tired and get stuck in traffic for a long time. Remember the adage time is money, so accelerated travel time really helps them.
In addition, for business people, toll roads will facilitate the delivery of merchandise. So that it can arrive faster and increase customer satisfaction. They can be trusted more by customers, so that the business becomes busy. This has resulted in a positive domino effect in the form of an improving financial condition.
The government is also building infrastructure other than toll roads, namely dams. At the beginning of 2021, President Jokowi inaugurated various dams. Namely the Tukul Dam in Pacitan, the Napun Gete Dam in NTT, and the Tapin Dam in South Kalimantan. There is also the Sindangheula Dam in Banten which will be inaugurated in the near future.
These dams will solve various problems in the community. As
The Napun Gete Dam in NTT, which was built based on the people’s request. Once there is this dam, it will solve the drought problem there. So that the livestock business runs smoothly, because the plants that are used as animal feed will thrive.
In addition, people in NTT will avoid problems during drought. When there is water flow from the dam, then they will have enough stock. So that you don’t get confused about boiling drinking water and washing in a prolonged summer. Because lately the arrival of the rainy season has shifted the time, so that the NTT region is not threatened by heat and drought when there is a dam.
The Tapin Dam in South Kalimantan functions as irrigation for rice fields, so that the harvest will be successful because the water supply is sufficient. Meanwhile, another function of this dam is for flood prevention. So that the Banua area will be spared from flash floods like what happened several months ago.
Meanwhile, the Tukul Dam in Pacitan, apart from irrigation and flood prevention, also serves as a tourist destination. People can refresh for a moment in the dam area, and have cheap picnics. They drink the beauty of nature while enjoying the beauty of the dam.
When a dam becomes a tourist destination, the surrounding community will also benefit. Because they get a splash of sustenance, by selling food and soft drinks, or providing parking services. Automatically the people’s economy will improve, thanks to the dam.
Various infrastructures built by the government, such as dams and toll roads, will make people’s lives easier. They can make mobility easier, and make business and travel smooth. In addition, the dam functions for irrigation, preventing flooding, and is also a tourist destination.

) * The author is a contributor to the Cikini Press Circle and Students

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