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Secretary General of PWRI: Convey Message Development in Papua Needs Synergy


Cidiss.co, JAKARTA – Secretary General (Sekjen) PWRI, Supriyanto Jagad stated
In order to convey the message of development in Papua, it needs to be strengthened jointly by the parties between the media organs such as PWRI, PWI, AJI, then youth and community leaders by educating the public in a good and measured manner.

The media, said Supriyanto, have an important role in development both in Papua and outside Papua. This is part of education and literacy that must be done in the digital era.

He said that apart from literacy and education, the active role of the media is also very important in exercising control over the government. Controls meant are checks and balance.

“Every problem concerning Papua must be carried out jointly, be it the TNI / Polri, the media, community leaders, traditional leaders,” said Supriyanto.

He continued that overseeing finances is not the realm of the media, but how to control their use of them
responsibility to oversee the implementation of funds or budgets for Papua’s Special Autonomy and others.

“PWRI has started by providing education – education through our representatives, both Indigenous Papuans (OAP) and outside Papua,” he said.

Meanwhile, Saiful alias Bedjo, a community leader who is also an economic and business activist, stated that sustainable development is a gradual improvement in human quality and needs.
In the process of sustainable development optimizes the benefits of natural resources and science and technology human resources.

At least, said Saiful, there are two important roles in supporting sustainable development in Papua, first the media, the community must be at the forefront of orong providing information about Otsus and development programs in Papua to the public.

“All parties, both media, community leaders, youth leaders have an important role in the sustainability of development in Papua, including by not reporting inconsistent facts, then not spreading hoaxes to the community,” he said.

In line with Inggar Saputra, a Jakarta youth leader, he appreciated the development initiated by the Government in Papua. Therefore we need the support of all parties so that it continues to promote the values ​​of the sovereignty of the Republic of Indonesia.

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