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The Bali Hindu Muslim Brotherhood Invites the Community to Work Together to Maintain the Conduciveness of the G20 Summit Activities


DENPASAR – The existence of a large Group of Twenty (G20) activity is a great opportunity for Bali to become better, especially in the tourism sector. This was conveyed by Anak Agung Ngurah Agung, SE, General Chair of the Bali Hindu Muslim Brotherhood (PHMB) in Denpasar.

Therefore, the Puri Gerenceng Denpasar figure, asked all components of society in Bali, as well as in Indonesia to help each other and work hand in hand for the security of Bali, “let   ‘s voluntarily protect the environment together.”

Efforts to maintain a very heterogeneous environment in Bali, one of which is that everyone must be registered at an administrative office such as a banjar or village,   “We always recommend that all immigrants in Bali must report to village officials. And for people who know there are migrants who have not reported should be able to help with the reporting process when they are in Bali 2×24 hours.”

According to Agung Ngurah Agung, if there is an opportunity to convey betel nut in various meetings, it will definitely convey the need for administrative order, have a Bali ID card if you have settled in Bali, or already have a self-report certificate, the goal is to jointly monitor and maintain security and safety. comfort and peace of the community, “When this has been achieved, the welfare of the community will certainly be followed.”

Anak Agung Ngurah Agung said the opportunity to meet with Muslim communities and Hindu, Christian, Catholic, Buddhist and Confucian communities because PHMB is always invited to their activities. “Like the Maulid Nabi event, I as the head of the PHMB   always attend. I can one day, go both places. Usually I arrange, coming to place A we don’t take the Tausiah, but at place B we join the Tausiah.”

According to him, the Bali Hindu Muslim Brotherhood (PHMB) was founded by Father Kyai Gus Dur in the 2000s, formed in Keramat Pemecutan, “At that time, Father Kyai Gus Dur happened to be there, he heard people praying for the Balinese, as well as Muslims, there is remembrance. He hears prayers. Then Gus Dur created this Bali Hindu Muslim Brotherhood. Then in its development, there were Christians, Catholics, Buddhists and Confucians.”   (*)

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