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The Community Supports the Continuation of Special Autonomy for Papua for a Glorious Future


By: Timothy Waker) *

The community supports the continuation of Otsus Papua. The program has proven to be able to improve welfare and development, so that the future of Papua is believed to be better.

Violence in Papua is bad news that cannot be denied. The news, of course, must make an evaluation. However, that does not mean that the Papuan people do not love peace, because after all, everyone needs a feeling of security and peace.

Last year, Forkopimda, community leaders, religious leaders, youth leaders, mass organization leaders, NGOs and other stakeholders who are members of the United West Papua Community component at the Arfak Convention Hall, West Papua Police Headquarters.

They voiced the Love of Peace West Papua Declaration and rejected demonstrations that were carried out anarchically.

The declaration was carried out following the anarchic actions of a group of protesters who refused to implement the Omnibus Law of the Job Creation Law in West Papua, including a number of acts of mass anarchism that smelled of sara and elements of vandalism that had occurred some time ago.

The declaration of love damau was signed by the Governor of West Papua Dominggus Mandacan, Kapolda Inspector General Pol Tornagogo Sihombing, Kasdam XVIII / Kasuari Brigadier General Ferry Zein and religious figures, community leaders, youth leaders, community organizations leaders, and a number of non-governmental organizations (NGOs).

West Papua Governor Dominggus Mandacan said that in conveying their aspirations, the community is prohibited from committing anarchist acts. Especially in Manokwari, which is known as the capital of the Province and the “City of the Bible”, which has become a benchmark for other regions in West Papua.

In his speech, Dominggus said that this land has been blessed. Anyone who lives in Papua is obliged to maintain and love peace. All who live, including our brothers who come from outside, are obliged to protect and love this land.

In addition, Dominggus highlighted a number of acts of mass anarchism that had occurred and damaged various public facilities. According to him, similar actions were unnecessary and should not happen again. To that end, he invited all elements of society to work together to create a safe, conducive and dignified regional environment.

Dominggu hopes that an incident like the one on August 19, 2019, namely the riots that led to the burning of government offices.

In fact, he urged the Papuan people to create safe regional conditions. This can be started from loving this customary land.

The West Papua Police Chief, Inspector General of Police Tornagogo Sihombing, also shared the same opinion. He hopes that anarchist acts will not happen again in West Papua. Because, according to him, this action only caused divisions in the community.

The people in West Papua should experience changes for the better. Even if there are aspirations, it is not necessarily by burning or destroying public facilities and government offices.

Meanwhile, Kasdam XVIII / Kasuari Brigadier General of the TNI Ferry Zein said that the signing of the declaration was a form of TNI’s commitment to creating a conducive West Papua, by working together to maintain the security situation and reject all forms of violence and anarchism.

He also hopes that all people can exercise their rights as citizens according to Law number 9 of 1998, concerning freedom to express opinions in public, in a peaceful and responsible manner.

For example, when the government wants to revise Papua’s Special Autonomy, of course if there are parties who are contra, it is no longer necessary to take actions that have an impact on damage.

Because the government has been open to all discussions related to the special autonomy policy which has been started since 20 years ago.

The large number of Papuans who support Otsus are certainly not without reason. the poverty rate has also continued to decline and the unemployment rate has also decreased.

So far, the Papua Special Autonomy Law has provided large regulatory powers for regions to carry out regional development through perdasi and perdasus. This is not without problems, because the derivative regulation of the Special Autonomy Law is in a local political situation which is often unstable and often elitist.

Therefore, the momentum of the revision of the Papua Special Autonomy Law must be a means to revitalize the implementation of the Papua Special Autonomy so that it has a direct impact on the welfare of the people of Papua and West Papua.

In every policy taken by the government, of course it will not make everyone agree with it, that is why a healthy discussion in a peaceful manner is absolutely necessary.

) * The author is a Papuan student living in Sidoarjo

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