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World Superbike Event Stimulates Economic Growth


By: Syarifudin)*
The World Superbike, which will be held at the Mandalika Circuit, NTB, will be fantastic because people will get entertainment in the midst of the pandemic. In addition, this international event is believed to stimulate Indonesia’s economic growth, which has been affected by the Corona virus pandemic.
The pandemic period has devastated the economy and the tourism sector has been affected. This is because visits from foreign tourists have drastically reduced, and have had a major impact on the economy. The government is trying hard to overcome it in many ways, including continuing development throughout Indonesia.
One that has been successfully built is the Mandalika circuit, located in Central Lombok, West Nusa Tenggara. The inauguration was carried out by President Jokowi. He even tried his own asphalt by riding a racing motorbike. This circuit is very important because it is the venue for the world Superbike, which starts on November 19, 2021.
World Superbike is a very important event, because it is not just a race that is a show of strength. However, this event can revive the economic sector in Indonesia, especially in NTB. Finance Director of the Indonesia Tourism Development Corporation (ITDC) Nugdha Achadie stated that the motorcycle race at The Mandalika would have multiple effects, both in the tourism and economic fields.
Nugdha continued, the economic value obtained thanks to World Superbike can reach 500 billion rupiah and the work absorption is 7,945 people. In a sense, even before the start of the race, the Mandalika Circuit was already financially profitable because it provided a source of sustenance for its workers.
Tourist visits to Lombok are also predicted to increase by 19% when there is World Superbike, so that it will revive the tourism sector. Hotels and inns that were originally deserted will again be visited by local and foreign tourists, as well as cafes and restaurants. This increase in visits is nothing to worry about because tourism is opened with the conditions of vaccination and strict health protocols.
In addition, the MSME sector in Lombok will be helped, because no less than 3,000 small and medium-level entrepreneurs are busy preparing souvenirs for World Superbike. Economic activity there will squirm again and slowly rise after being hit by the corona attack.
When MSMEs rise, the Indonesian economy will also rise, because MSMEs are the financial backbone of the country. That way, we can restore state finances and will not fall into a recession. Therefore, World Superbike is a great start to start the country’s financial revival.
The public appreciates racing at the Mandalika circuit because this event has an international level, so it becomes entertainment to brighten up the pandemic period. In addition, they are also proud because there is a world-class race being held in Indonesia, thereby increasing pride in this country.
If World Superbike is broadcast live, either via TV or the internet, it will be highlighted by many viewers, including the international community. They can watch the excitement of the race, while seeing how beautiful Lombok’s nature is. So they will plan their next visit there because they see its natural exoticism.
Therefore, we should support the smooth running of World Superbike and if we can make this competition viral on social media. The goal is that more and more people know about this race and the event to be worldwide. So that more and more people watched it, and finally there was a positive domino effect on the Indonesian economy.
The World Superbike event is an important event and is a stepping stone to revive the Indonesian economy. The tourism sector will rise, especially in Lombok, because foreign tourists will flock to come to watch international class races live.
)* The author is a contributor to the Press Circle and Cikini Students

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